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nail your sin to the cross

In this book, Pastor Seyi reveals insights into an issue so commonplace yet controversial: do we please God in our rightness or His righteousness? Do we please God by following the crowd even when the issue at stake seems right to everybody but wrong to God? Can God deviate from His Standard of Righteousness? Does obedience play a key role in our relationship with God our Father? Is it worth following the crowd only to end up missing Heaven? What is the role of Grace in our walk with God? Who determines our Salvation?  These questions and more are answered in this book. This book is for every Christian worker in ministry. It reveals the importance of addressing every faulty foundation in our lives. We cannot expect to be successful in our service to God if we are still living in sin. Light cannot mingle with darkness!

your condition and your conclusion

This book is for you going through the challenges of life in your walk with the Lord. It is for you if you have long-standing challenges in health, marriage, career and business. It is for you if you know that where you are now is not where you ought to be. Why are you still in the valley? If you’re tired of remaining in the valley of oppression, stagnancy, failure and non-achievement, then this book is for you.

heaven, who will make it?

Heaven is a place of peace and joy with none of the problems that we face here on earth. It follows that every child of God should be desperate to get there. It is therefore baffling that so many Christians have placed their focus on building up treasures here on earth, to the detriment of preparing to enter what should be their eternal home.  It is God’s earnest desire that we all make heaven and he tells us in his word the things that we need to do to make sure that we get there. In this book, we will look at the mistakes that men have made in the past that caused them to miss heaven and we will learn about the changes God desires we make in our lives to qualify us to inhabit the mansions he has prepared for us.  I pray that as you read this book and apply the principles to your life, you will be counted amongst those who make heaven. 

the next level

As Christians, we are children of destiny, created to accomplish great things here on earth, so many of us, however, are operating far behind God’s divine schedule for our lives. Many are barely surviving while others are stagnant and have remained in the same position for years. Many Christians nowadays read the bible without even really understanding it or applying the principles that can be found within it to their circumstances. The bible is our life manual, and in it, we will find all the answers to every question that we may have about our situations. In this book, we will examine what the bible says that we need to do if we want to move to the position that God created us to occupy here on earth.  We will learn about the conditions that we have to meet and the steps that we must take if we want to qualify to move to the next level.

faulty foundations

Just as the foundation of a building determines if that building will stand or fall, the foundation of your life will determine if you will be successful or if you will end up as a failure. Remember that the race for salvation is one of endurance and it is only those who are still standing at the end who will win the prize. You may be standing strong today but do you know what tomorrow holds? As Christians, we should only build on one foundation: our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the firm foundation that will enable us to go through this life as winners and make it to our eternal rest in heaven. If you profess to be a child of God, are you sure that your life is built upon the solid rock that is Jesus Christ? This book explains the importance of foundations in our lives and examines the reasons why so many Christians today are finding it difficult to live the lives that God has called them to. It explains what we as children of God have to do to emerge victorious at the end of the race.

hope for the hopeless

This book summarizes the teaching by the General Overseer of The Promised Land Restoration Ministries, Pastor Seyi Ogunorunyinka, at one of the Ministry’s retreats, held for its workers and interested members since 2004.  No one who attended any of these impartations can have their lives remain the same as each teaching session was under the overpowering presence of GOD’s  HOLY SPIRIT.  We invite you to experience GOD’s Power as you read not only this but all the other books in the Series. 

coping with difficult times

Difficult times can mean different things. A loss of job, fees of children in private school need to be paid, house rent is due, savings have been spent, and suddenly, things go bad.  Enduring persecution in the church is a difficult time. Having challenges with your children is going through difficult times. Sometimes we are designed to be tough by the reason of our faith in CHRIST. You are not excluded from the challenges of the world. You should even expect greater challenges. But the more the challenges, the tougher you should become.  

i shall fulfil my destiny

Prayer is the key to opening the door of heaven. When we pray, we invite God into our situation. Prayer is the only way to communicate with God. It is the staff of the Christian pilgrim to walk with God. Little wonders, Apostle Paul enjoined us to pray without ceasing (I Thess. 5:17).  As born again Christians, our prayers are powerful. It touches the throne of mercy. Prayer is an expression of the desired expectation, and we know that the expectation of the righteous will be fulfilled. Therefore you must take on the whole armour of God which is not complete without prayer and fasting to move the mountains in our lives. This is a forty day prayer guide.

divine intervention

This book provides a framework that we can all use to realign our thinking and make the necessary changes to our lives so that we will become co-workers with God in the fulfilment of his plans for us. It is only when we work with God and not against him that he can accomplish what he wants to and make us who he has created us to be.  I pray that as you read this book the eyes of your understanding will be opened to the truth that is contained herein and that the application of this truth will reap tremendous benefits in your life.

i shall sing a new song

In the Old and New testaments of the Bible we can find many instances of people who fasted and prayed and obtained their breakthroughs. Jesus Christ Himself fasted and prayed and as our ideal role model, His example is one that we ought to follow.   No matter what situation you may be facing right now, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem, this prayer and fasting guide, will put you in the optimal position to receive the breakthroughs that you desire in your life. The prayers have been carefully laid out to take you through the various stages that you need if you are to obtain lasting, spiritual transformation in your life. Remember that nothing is impossible with God.


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