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strictly for wives

Every woman desires a man for herself alone but only a few have taken their time to understand the secrets of keeping the man away from the other woman. Unfortunately, many have grown weary and even given up on their quest to keep their men and resigned themselves to fate. Truth is the secrets of keeping your man and building an incredible family is resident in every wife provided we are willing to discover and deploy these time-tested secrets to our advantage. In the book you will find out the major difference between you and the other woman and how to combine both roles to safeguard and affair-proof your marriage. It's not sufficient for the 21st century woman to remain as wife to her husband she also needs to become his concubine.

common mistakes married men make

There is nothing wrong with mistakes when we can learn and avoid a repeat. But mistakes are also avoidable when we can activate our ability to learn from others. Too many of us have destroyed families that were headed for bliss by avoidable errors powered often by wrong beliefs. With the spate of divorce hitting an all-time high across the globe, there is a major need to discover a new template that works and can deliver a family that works. After working with troubled marriages for 16 years, this is what I have observed and my recommendation, which I believe can help every man become the SAVIOURS as against the saboteurs of their families. It is a new day.

out of the box parenting

In this book you will: - Uncover new parenting styles and how to create a style that is custom made to deliver the dreams of your child. - Master how to script your children based on their inherent traits, to become the best versions of themselves. - Produce accelerated results with proven template that disrupts everything you have been taught about parenting as well as deliver results than you ever thought possible in your children. - Deploy proven techniques in creating exceptional parenting results. Once this concept is understood and applied, parenting becomes less difficult and out of the box™ exceptional children eventually emerge, pushing every known boundary and creating a future that many of us can only imagine. The true potential of a child remains hidden until someone who understands the true navigation system of a child uncovers it. The problem of the world remains an ADULT (-eration) but the solution is a CHILD.

unbreak my heart

What happens when someone you gave your all to walks out on you? How do you bounce back from the pain of watching someone you have shared the greatest moments with walk into the future with someone else? The pain of heartbreak is devastating that some never fully recover from it. How do you free yourself from the ghost of the past so that you can fully love and live again? In this book, you will master how to truly ‘unbreak’ your heart and become whole again.

bursting your marital bubbles

Over the years, myths and errors have been taught as truth and many people have had their lives messed up by what used to be but no longer relevant. With the growing spate of divorce across the globe and marital bliss giving way to marital stress, there is a serious need to troubleshoot what we have believed over the years that could be sabotaging our overall well-being in the present. In this book, we’d place a number of our beliefs on the timeless scale of marital truths to see how they fare-if they will stand or fail. Only the truth sets free, and this book will surely achieve that. In truth, nobody deserves to get married until they have gone through these checks with their intended spouse.

the 8 lines of work

THE 8 LINES OF WORK …..tactical workplace survival strategies in a 3rd world economy. Every land has got rules of engagement and too many excellent and intelligent people have missed out on their desired placement by not combining their competence with superior relationship skills. Unknown to many competence is never enough in a 3rd world economy because it operates on a different set of rules that if you don’t master and effectively navigate can sabotage your best interest. In this book you will; • Master workplace relational intelligence • Build effective workplace harmony • Discover the rules of engagement • Consistently win at work If your desire is to win and get to the top within the shortest possible time by consistently exceeding every target then this is the book for you.


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