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the illusionist

The Illusionist is a story of a boy, Lekan, who discovers he has a strange ability to false realities. Born into abject poverty with an abusive father, Lekan begins to use his illusions as a way to get away from a difficult life. Soon, his best friend Hakeem got to know of his ability and carelessly reveals same to No Mercy, the highly feared and notorious street boss. While the young Lekan couldn't see anything better use of his ability than to get away from a difficult life, No Mercy saw it as a great opportunity to further enforce his dominance of the street and make huge gains. No Mercy goes ahead to train Lekan to master the use of his ability and soon begins to use the younger man to perpetrate a variety of crimes. Although Lekan would have objected to being used in this way, he didn't have much of a choice as to reject was to put the life of his loved ones in danger. The wide extent of the crimes soon attracted the attention of law enforcement and a careless decision by No Mercy led to the capture of Lekan. Rather than bring shame to the family Lekan chose to go to prison in secret. Rather than being reformed, prison hardened him as the years went by. Although he had promised never to use his ability again, the intense molestation in prison forced him to result to its use over and over again, but in a stranger dimension than before. In the end, he came out of prison worse than he had gone in, and without an alternative means of livelihood, he resulted to a life of crime. Olaitan is a man with a grudge. He had sworn over everything he held dear to bring his father's killer to justice. The only trace he had to his father's killers was their ability to create a false reality. A strange twist is presented in the story as Lydia, Lekan's first love and the prime reason behind his imprisonment, falls in love with Olaitan. She is therefore caught in the middle of two worlds; trying to stop her fiancé from arresting and killing her first and true love.

giants: biography of fifty great entrepreneurs and lessons

To be successful at anything, it is important that you learn from the lives of those who have been there before you. It is on this premise that the grandiose idea of mentorship stands. Isaac Newton once said, " If I have seen further than other men, it's because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." The business world also has a sufficient number of giants, on the shoulders of whom any aspiring entrepreneur can stand. This book beautifully examines the lives of fifty of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and the peculiar characteristics or strategies that made them rich, famous, and so successful.

the art of bluffing

Most people are more ignorant than you think. They only claim to know what they know and most of the time they get away with it. The bluffs of the world are oftentimes the most successful, this is due to their charisma and bravado which, although maybe false, captures our fantasy and impresses us. We, humans, are naturally attracted to people who appear confident and comfortable with themselves. They hold our attention and we worship and idolize them. That is the idea behind politics and mentorship. This book centers around ethical bluffing and how you can use it to your advantage.

murder in green houses

He prowls at night. He enters through opened windows and unlocked doors. He sneaks up on his victims. He stabs. He slashes. He rapes. He kills. All with reckless abandon. He is your everyday man during the day, but a monster at night. He fears no one, he respects no one. He is the thing of your worst nightmare. Murder in Green Houses tells the story of one of 20th Century most prolific serial killers.

evil kin

Kendrick Kiribi is murdered in his bar after he made a huge amount of money from the sale of one of his businesses. A tiny speck of blood left at the crime scene offers detectives DNA evidence that leads them to a man, but who vehemently insists he had nothing to do with the crime. Is he saying the truth or is he just trying to throw detectives off him? Was the evidence at the crime scene planted by Kendrick Kiribi's widow, who happens to be the police prime suspect?


Beatrice Nelson, a 23-year-old single mother of two, is charged and condemned to die for the murder of her son. She battles relentlessly to prove her innocence, but the system seemed bent to make her go down for the crime. With nowhere else to turn, she resigned to fate in her cold cell as she awaited the hangman's noose. Until the day she heard a voice that changed everything.

broken souls

Broken Souls tells the story of Lola Adekoya, the 16-year-old girl 'church girl', who is murdered under mysterious circumstances. A witness statement and a signed confession lead to the conviction of a suspect. Seven years after the judgment, a panel is instituted to review all criminal cases with unusual circumstances. The Lola Adekoya murder case comes up for review and so much dirt and abuse of power is uncovered. So, if the convict is not responsible for Lola's murder, then who is?

the will

Although born into abject poverty, Raymond Olawale Jacobs was able to claw his way to the top in business, eventually becoming one of the richest men in Nigeria and in the world. When everything appeared to be going well, a simple weekend fling ended up destroying the peace in his home, and from then things just kept getting worst. At seventy-five, Raymond Jacobs was diagnosed with stage four Prostate cancer and given a few months to live. His personal doctor and friend had advised him to put his house in order, so his children and wives wouldn't be at each other's throat when he is eventually no more. Raymond Jacobs saw his Will and Last Testament as the ultimate weapon to right the wrongs that had plagued his entire life. But little did he know how erroneous this move was.

men without souls

These men did not retain the thought of God in their hearts so they could not be moved by the mention of His name, neither could their conscience be appealed to, for it had been seared with hot iron; they had become walking nightmares, they had become men without souls. On the morning of 4th June 1996, hired gunmen from the State trailed and murdered a Pro-Democracy icon. This was on the heels of the annulment of her husband's election victory. This book details the events that led up to one of the most shocking State-sponsored assassinations in Nigeria's history.

who killed oyin?

My entire life has been plagued by series of misfortunes. It appears every day I wake up, there is one trouble or another waiting for me at my doorstep. In my struggle for a better life I got a job as a waitress in Forkfull Restaurant, here I met Jeff, Mike, Tola, and Kasim. These four men became the closest to me. My name is Oyindamola Cooker and in five months time one of these men is going to kill me.

judas' kiss

I have an insolent tongue and a controversial character. Pere is the deceitful boyfriend I snatched from Lisa; Lisa is the Queen of a notorious girl cult. Ahmed is the boyfriend to my best friend; Arin, but I have sworn to break that relationship. Tomiwa is the neighbor who has an eye for me, but I don’t think he matches up to my standard. Henry is my stepfather; I got my mom to kick him out of the house. Pere, Lisa, Ahmed, Tomiwa, and Henry; these five hate me so much for something I had done. But one of them is going to take that hate a step further and kill me. My name is Adesuwa Daniels and in five months' time, I am going to be dead.

the boy that never came back

After surviving a terrible accident that claimed the lives of hundreds of people, Wale finds himself stuck between the world of the living and the dead. He struggles to save the life of his wife when he discovers she was next to die.

an imperfect love story

He liked her from the very first moment he laid his eyes on her, but he knew she was trouble. She was bored to death and all she wanted was a friend she could talk to, lest she loses her mind. Charles meets the most beautiful woman he had ever set his eyes on, but he recognizes the trouble that she brings. The more he pushes her away, the more she draws closer. A seemingly innocent evening of drinks quickly transforms into something none of them could control. In this rollercoaster ride, more than one heart will be left broken.


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