Sesan Oguntade

Sesan Oguntade teaches success secrets, faith stories and shares free christian personal development books at his website and blog. He uses Christian principles to solve practical problems of the people and the society. He has used the platform of books, online video courses and podcasts to offer practical solutions to problems on negative habits, business, money and finances and personal development. His problem-solving book series like Bible Short Reports and Faith Based Business book series have lots of titles that have helped lots of people online for many years now. He blogs regularly at https://sesanoguntde.com. He is married to Olutoke Oguntade and they are blessed with children (Abigael, Maranatha and Treasure)

Books by Sesan Oguntade

wealth codes

Bola Ajagun worked as a Mathematics teacher with the Federal Government of Nigeria for many years. He had been taught most Bible financial success principles right from his teenage Christian years and believed he had all it takes to be financially successful in his lifetime. However, when happenings around his financial life were contrary to his religious knowledge and beliefs, he knew he needed help urgently. The pangs and discomfort of poverty and lack of financial fulfillment dampened Bola's morale about his Christian beliefs. He was fighting the outcomes of many unfulfilled religious promises and doctrines. Did Bola received the needed help? Did he find any reason to stay with his cherished Christian beliefs or to drop anchor and embrace other beliefs? Wealth codes shows you... Read this book today.

struggling with fornication? how to avoid sex sins

This is a practical Christian sex education guide for youths, teenagers, married couples and for all ages. The practical stories of three individuals who have learnt bitter lessons from their wrong use of sex have been used throughout this book; you will enjoy and learn from their stories. This book teaches practically, with interesting story illustrations, how teenagers, adults, married men and women can stay away from sex sins. If you personally desire to stay away from sex sins or you have a teenage girl you would love to keep her virginity, then this book will be of immense benefit to you. Married men and women who have been unfaithful to their spouses but truly desire to change their ways will also love this book. 30 Practical Tips and Stories on how anyone can stay a virgin, avoid or stop sex sins and live in complete harmony with God are discussed in this book. It is another great Christian guide on how to stop sex sins from the author of You Can Stop Masturbation. Read it today.

6 mistakes i made as a new husband

Couples in new marriages that are experiencing some turbulent periods must read this book. Young men and women who are planning to get married must read this book together. It contains practical stories of men who have allowed costly errors they made during courtship and at the early stages of their marriages to crumble their marriages. It also contains the stories of couples who were able to survive the storm and still have their marriages intact. These short interesting and practical stories will save your marriage or save you lots of troubled times and headache when you eventually get married. Read a copy today and also buy one for every young man and woman who are planning to get married.

33 effective christian strategies to grow a successful business

Struggling With Your Small Business? You Can Make More Profits Using These Great Christian Practical Strategies. 33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business will show you simple strategies to start and grow your small business. This is a Christian business daily devotional books. These Christian tips will help your business growth day by day. This book merged the practical truth and principles from God's Word to present-day practical methods entrepreneurs can use for their small business management and growth. Over 33 simple and effective tips are shared in this book that will help you to succeed in life and business. Please read this book today.

how i overcame violent anger

Getting violently angry has always been part of me and I was really not doing anything about it until I got married. My angry reactions to issues sometimes become extremely violent and after displaying the act for a few minutes, I usually began to wonder what got over me and most times I don't always feel good about myself. When I noticed how destructive this act can become, I wanted a solution which I got following a simple guide which I have shown in this do-it-yourself short Christian guide. I learned to tame these sinful angry reactions to issues and I believe you too can learn to do this. Violent or sinful anger can destroy what you have painstakingly built over the years and smashed them to the floor in a few minutes. You need to read this guide. It contains short stories, simple diagrams and simple steps I dedicatedly began to carry out until I began to record regular victories over it. Obtain this Christian guide today.

27 christian ways to improve your job performance

27 Christian Ways To Improve Your Job Performance will show you simple Christian tips you can embrace to excel in your job. These tips are practical and the ever-dependable Word of God in the bible has been used to prepare them. Anyone will readily relate with them because the book merged bible principles with present-day practical experiences of employees in workplaces. The added bonus to this book is a simple guide on how you can prepare a job-winning resume and a sample resume produced from the tips in the how-to guide section of the book. You will become a better Christian employee. You will learn tips on how you can secure the best jobs in your industry. You will learn tips that can make you receive rapid promotion in your workplace. You should read the book today.

doctrines of demons

Different Doctrines of Demons are already here with us and it's sad that lots of people are already under their spell! These evil doctrines clearly go against the good doctrines of the bible. You need the right knowledge and information to identify these wrong teachings in our society if you don't want to ignorantly come under their spell! Paul wrote that these doctrines of demons and the activities of seducing spirits will take many away from the Christian faith! I believe this should be of interest to you and I. The truth is that all Paul wrote about what the Spirit said would be happening are all happening already! One of them is the continuous establishment of different demonic doctrines and their massive propagation. This book will expose you to some of these doctrines of devils that are already in operation today in our world. Lots of countries and their leaders are already bowing to the pressures of these evil doctrines. If Christians don't rise to pray and carry out concerted moves, many more countries will be embracing these evil teachings. I want you to understand that the devil and his cohorts are always very crafty with these evil doctrines and covenants. They try to present them to you as if they are Godly. You'll need patience, the help of the Holy Spirit, a diligent search into God's Word and of course, this book to read between the lines. I want you to read this book today.

7 reasons why god wants to solve your problems

Do you allow your problems to overwhelm you? Have you searched frantically for a guide on how to overcome failure and achieve success? I believe you already have compiled a long list of obstacles to overcome in your life, family, and business and have no clue on how to get over these problems. Are you a Christian and you have wondered if God is ready and willing to help you overcome all the problems in your life which you have battled with for many years now? In a chat with a friend who has been a Christian for many years, he confessed to me that he no longer has the conviction that God hears him again when he prays to him about his many problems. Do you have such an incorrect conviction too? The truth is that God is willing and ever ready to help you overcome all the obstacles and problems that may be plaguing or limiting you presently. This short book shows you: 1. Seven biblical and easy-to-understand reasons why God wants to solve your problems. 2. How God is waiting for you to trust Him to solve your problems. 3. How you are expected to stick with God whenever you desire a solution to a problem. This short book will put back into you the power of faith in God again. It uses core principles of Christianity to show you why God is ever (and will ever) be ready to solve your problems Please read this book today.

how to launch your business as a christian

Are you a Christian and you have struggled to launch your cherished business idea which you have kept in your heart for many years now? If you are one, this simple, short and easy-to-read guide will be of great help to you. After I finished a wealth-creation book in my country, I took the decision to include a short survey asking for a problem they desperately want to solve in their business. Well, entries came in as people bought and read the book. I discovered that over 95% of the problems readers of the book mentioned they had found difficult to solve in the past four years was, 'having no capital to start their businesses.' From personal experience and from the experiences of people I have investigated over the years, that lack of or the unavailability of capital or money should not stop anyone from launching a business idea. This short ebook will discuss simple, usable, and effective strategies that you can always use to start a business idea no matter how big it looks. This ebook will also help you to correct the wrong belief that you cannot start executing a business idea without money. I tried to use early Chapter contents of this book to correct this wrong mentality because I know how important having the right mentality is to your ability to embrace the simple but workable strategies discussed in this book.

how to write your first non-fiction book

Do you want to write your first non-fiction book? Do you need a simple guide you can use to write your first book? I have presented, in this short ebook guide, how you can write your first ebook with simple and practical illustrations that will simplify the process for you. If you want to become a self-published author, then this guide on how to write a book will help you. I used my practical experience all through in this guide. I showed you the simple process I follow to write my non-fiction ebooks. It is a simple but quality process. You don't need to be scared of writing a book, if you have an experience that anyone can read in a book, you are ready to go with this simple book-writing guide. When you write your first book, you will begin to write as many more books. Read this ebook today.

the prostitute: a story of extreme love, fury and jealousy

Don't 'Kill That Marriage or Take Your Life Until You've Read This Book! Steve Davies, a strict, disciplined and morally upright company executive suddenly fell in love with a notorious, long-term prostitute, Serena. Despite strict warnings from his friends and relatives, Steve took this strange love to another level - he proposed marriage to Serena and went ahead to marry her. This unusual engagement sparked off lots of matrimonial troubles, yet Steve was glad to put his love, his name, his home, and his reputation on the line for Serena. Did the forces that bind such engagements come to the aid of Steve as he became a husband to a wife-prostitute? Did Serena act like a pig who always returns to the mud? Was Steve able to sustain his intimate love for his unusual wife? A story of extreme love, fury, and jealousy. This is a painful personal love story. A story of what deep and true love can do when gross infidelity and contrary societal opinions hold sway in a relationship. Read more..

how to receive godly breakthroughs

How to Receive Godly Breakthroughs I and my wife had a delay before she conceived and gave birth to our first baby after we got married. During this delay, we prayed and waited on God fervently. When it was time to receive this miracle, the devil sponsored a distraction as we made preparations to separate ourselves to pray. I sensed the breakthrough moments spiritually, the devil and his cohorts also saw that the breakthrough was around the corner and they tried to stop us from waiting upon God in prayer at that time. The devil's plan was to make us miss the breakthrough that God had prepared to hand over to us. There are indeed breakthrough moments. Christians must understand this. There are also calculated strategies from the devil and his cohorts to stop these breakthroughs from getting to you. This book shows simple tips you need to know to recognize a breakthrough moment and to wait on God to receive your breakthrough. Download this book today, read it and use the content. You

how to overcome fear spiritually

Do you still allow fear to stop you from taking developmental steps? If you have struggled to put that business idea that has been in your heart for many years to work, then you're dwelling in the cage of fear. A wise man once said a child is born without fear except the ones he's taught by the society as he grows up. I want you to understand that everyone has the tendency to have fear but those who are great achievers in our society have found a way to consistently kill it! They have found a way to overcome the fear of failure. They have mastered the practical process of how to stop living in fear. To these achievers and those who have found the recipe to enjoy life, they can always overcome the fear of death when it comes knocking on their doors. This book wants to show you practical spiritual tips you can begin to use to put a stop to fear every time it comes knocking. There are many potential CEOs wallowing in serious needs and lack as poor employees. Fear has consistently sto

stopping teenage addiction problems - a parent's guide

A survey shows that "74% of teens said they had turn to their parents as their No. 1 source of advice about the use of alcohol or other drugs. 63% said hearing their parents' stories about past alcohol or drug use would make them more responsible about their own use of drugs". Some experts believe genetics and environment influence a person's addiction risk. Most teenage addiction problems are as a result of the actions and inactions of parents or guardians! Now the parent factor may not always be the only cause of teenage addiction issues but I strongly believe it is a major factor. I have used this short ebook guide to teach Christian-motivated tips on how parents can prevent their children from having addiction problems or how they can help a child who already has addiction problems. 11 tips are taught. They are easy to learn and use on your child. Please grab a copy of Stopping Teenage Addiction Problems

25 practical ways to love your wife more

What is a Christian husband's role in marriage? This short book provides practical answers to the above question. It’s so clear today that the devil has increased his operation against marriages especially Christian marriages. The rate of divorce even among Christians is a great pointer to this unfortunate fact. Now the only potent way to get the devil out of your marriage is for you to be filled with enough light; that is, information or revelation or secrets from God on how to have a safe marriage. This short and straight-to-the-point book will help you to catch some secrets of God to keep your marriage safe. I have been a Christian husband for over 14 years now and I must tell you it has been an exciting experience with lots of unforgettable events so far. The content of this book describes my practical experience over the years as a Christian husband.

how to publish books on amazon kdp

Do you want to follow a step-by-step picture guide of writing and self-publishing your books on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform? I used my practical experiences all through this short guide for this tutorial. Self-publishing books on Amazon as a kindle has given lots of authors the opportunity to push their books out into the reading world. It used to be very difficult to have your voice heard as an author through your books. The traditional publishing method did not give many authors the opportunity to get published. Today, the story is different; there are lots of great options now and one of these great options is the opportunity to get your book published on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform. I have lots of books published already on this great platform and I have sold lots of copies of my books over the years. So I am very qualified to teach you this. Please read this book today.

you can stop masturbation!

How To Stop Masturbation By Reading A Simple Story. This is a Christian Addiction Treatment Book. It's a simple guide to help you break your habit of masturbation. Have you struggled without end to put a stop to masturbation and any form of addiction? Do you really want a complete Christian guide that uses simple stories and simple charts to describe step by step methods to put a stop to masturbation or any addiction problem? This practical Christian book will be of great use to you as it has been to many others online. Due to readers' positive reactions to the story-telling and chart-illustration strategies used in the first edition of this book to provide simple steps to solve the problem of masturbation. Author, Sesan Oguntade produced a bigger edition which consist of several readers' reactions, more charts illustrations, 13 Christian notes for parents on solving teenage addiction problems and a book bonus: a Podcast that relates the popular story-illustration in the book.


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