Seyi King

Seyi King is an internet entrepreneur and marketer. He is the founder of fast growing digital agency; onedigital.com.ng, founder of Ecommerce Management Company; commerceking.co and the CEO of construction and property platform; CivilKing. Seyi King has expertise building internet businesses. He has worked with some of the biggest internet firms such as Transsion, Afmobi, Vconnect and a host of others. Seyi has a passion for technology, media, engineering and internet. When he isn’t watching his favorite club, Chelsea, he is probably thinking of how to change the world.

Books by Seyi King

50 internet businesses you can start from home

This is the fastest selling internet business guide. This book is an eye opener and a must-have. The book aims to bring to focus the different opportunities that exist by using the internet. Many of these business require zero or very little capital and resources to start. The book lays out each of this businesses and presents a step-by-step guide for starting the business. It identifies the mistakes you need to avoid in order to be successful in the business. The best way to get the best from this guide is to go through each of the business carefully and identify the ones you feel you have a good shot at succeeding looking at your current resources, skills, and capital. The rise of the internet has ushered in the ultimate leverage for anyone who can tap into its immense opportunities. Millions of people around the world has built sustainable wealth just by using the internet. After reading this book, you should have gotten adequate knowledge to start your first internet business. The major ingredient for success still lies in your determination to succeed and consistency.

10 foreigners who struck gold in africa

Grand Investors is Africa's leading source of investment news, showcasing high profiled investment opportunities and real estate properties across Africa, with the aim of connecting investors with credible deal flows in Africa. Learn the dynamics of Africa‘s business scene. This highly informative magazine delves deeply into Africa‘s natural resources, challenges and how to overcome these challenges. In this issue we look at opportunities in power, real estate, manufacturing and agriculture and you would be surprised to find out that these sectors are still under-exploited. Some of the areas discussed in the magazine include; 1. Ten foreigners who struck gold in Africa. 2. Investment opportunities in the housing sector in Nigeria 3. Read about manufacturing in Africa with a case study of South Africa. 4. Future of banking in Nigeria. 5. Investment opportunities in Ghana‘s Agriculture.

50 sales techniques to conquer sales

Everyone sells! Yes, you sell, I sell, and indeed everyone sells. This e-book discusses selling as a business activity undertaken by salespeople. But the principles of selling are useful to everyone, not only to people with the title of 'salespeople'. Influencing people and developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationship is vital to every business success. Thus, the principle of selling is useful to everyone even to those not directly involved in selling. People in business, profit as well as not-for-profit organisation use selling principles all the time. Engineers convince management to support their Research & Development projects; industrial relations executives use selling approaches when negotiating with unions; charitable organisations sell when they solicit for funds and pastors preaching the word of God use personal selling to full advantage when they tell you to amass and store treasures in heaven or to sow in the vineyard of God. Traditionally, lawyers, account


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