Sunday Adelaja

Sunday Adelaja (Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian) is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, an evangelical-charismatic megachurch and a Christian denomination in Kiev, Ukraine.

Books by Sunday Adelaja

how to keep your focus

Why do people with great potential in life miss their chance to be successful? Why do they fail to realize their abilities and talents and fulfill their calling? What hinders these people from walking in God''s plan and carrying out the great work that only they are able to complete? In this book you will find the answers to these questions and many others.

money won't make you rich: god's principles for true wealth, prosperity, and success

Achieve Financial Success…God''s Way! Pastor Sunday Adelaja helped 200 people become millionaires in just two years by teaching them how to apply God''s principles to their personal finances. Discover how they did it in Money Won''t Make You Rich, a comprehensive guide to true prosperity and financial freedom. When you understand God''s principles about finances, you can control your money without letting it control you. In this practical, inspirational guide, Pastor Adelaja combines biblical truth, financial advice, and his own life experiences to explain such topics as: - The meaning of prosperity - The nature of poverty - The secret of success and four principles of continuous success - Three laws to making your money work for you - The reason for financial failure

church shift: revolutionizing your faith, church, and life for the 21st century

Born in Nigeria, Adelaja was recruited as a teenager by Russian communists. Discover how God gave him a new assignment---to evangelize the Ukraine! Here's the astounding story of the unlikely pastor of Eastern Europe''s largest megachurch. Recounting his struggle against prejudice and persecution, it will inspire you to maximize your impact for Christ.

life and death are in the power of the tongue

Want to know your life, how presently you are living, and what to expect in the future? Want to know what you should be feeding yourself with? Then read this book and know the important role words play in the formation of your life and circumstance around you.

a man or a mouse

In this book you''ll discover: 1. A man or a mouse is a proverbial expression to express risk or encourage a person to be daring 2. A man is anyone who has developed virtues like perseverance, persistence and tenacity. 3. A man is known for his willpower. 4. A man can also be referred to as a personality 5. A man can only be measured by the level of the development in his soul (mind, will and emotion) 6. On the contrary, a mouse is so scared, weak willed and easily throws in the towel at any slight challenge or obstacle 7. A mouse is a Biomass who is just existing. 8. They lack the willpower and persistence to pull through difficulties and leverage on challenges. 9. Only 3% of people living are actually “Personalities” (which also can represent Man) while 97% of people are mere Biomasses (which represents Mouse). 10. You will see the ways to strengthen and develop your own will, build qualities that would transform you from being a mouse, a biomass to becoming a man, a personality

accessing divine wisdom

This book you're holding in your hands is a book like no other book. It''s like ''honey'', it's a treasure, a jewel of a kind. It is not every day you can come across a book like this. Wisdom indeed is a rare commodity in our world today, but what is even rarer - the practical application of wisdom in our today''s complex world. All these you see and get answers to in this incredible book. Things you never thought of, are exposed and unveiled in this book with simplicity and clarity that you''ll surely never remain the same as you read this amazing book.

am i ready to be a husband?

In this book you''ll discover:In this book you''ll discover: 1.A man must be morally ready for marriage 2.A man must be ready to lose the freedom of singleness 3.A man must be ready intellectually for marriage 4.Characteristics of a real man 5.What does a woman want to see in men 6.A man must be ready mentally for marriage 7.The happiness of the man 8.A man must be self-sufficient 9.A man must be ready to shut his eyes to other women once he choses one 10.A man must be ready to keep his friends at bay once he gets married

am i ready to become a wife?

In this book you'll discover: 1. How to differentiate love from falling in love 2. How to avoid mistakes while choosing a life partner 3. How to choose a life partner 4. Questions you need to ask before marriage 5. 13 signs that you are ready for marriage. 6. You need to be self-sufficient for marriage 7. You must be ready not be a burden to your future husband. 8. You must be ready to make sacrifices for your husband and future family 9. For marriage, you and fiance should have similar values. 10. You must be ready to detach from relatives and friends for the sake of my new family.

church – the breeding ground for saviors and deliverers

In this book you will discover: 1. God''s agenda for the church 2. Is the church the light of the church or the light of the world 3. Slave masters in suits in the churches 4. Every believer is a minister 5. The industrial revolution and the role of the church 6. Why the message of the church must change 7. Christians that changed the world 8. Saved for the purpose of the Kingdom, not for self 9. Saviors in all spheres of influence 10. You are saved to be a savior

could you be the abraham of your nation

In this book you will discover: 1. Why Abraham 2. Why the promise still applies 3. Nations are waiting for you 4. Lessons for Abraham 5. How to believe and act like Abraham 6. How not to fear like Abraham 7. How to pay the price like Abraham 8. How to become fathers and mothers of Nations 9. You can make history 10. Principles don''t lie

create your own net worth

This book will teach you that: 1.Your birth condition does not determine your worth 2.You have a worth and how to identify it 3.You can create your net worth through time investment 4.You can create your net worth through daily priorities 5.You can create your net worth through your own products and services 6.You can create your net worth through self-discovering 7.You can create your net worth through diligent labor 8.You can create your net worth through the right attitude 9.You can create your net worth through the power of wisdom

damaged by religion, path to healing

In this book you''ll discover: 1. Religion as a weapon of mass destruction 2. When a Church abuses 3. What does God say about abuse? 4. Forms of religious abuse 5. The religious abuse called ‘Spiritual covering 6. Signs of Church and religious abuse 7. Financial pressure and extortion; commonest religious abuse 8. Violation of your will is religious abuse 9. Abusive Pastors boast of power and miracles 10. Ways to stop yourself from abusing others

discover the source of your latent energy

In this book you will discover: 1. There is a latent energy in everyone 2. The cycle of energy transformation 3. How to discover your latent energy through work 4. How to use your reproductive energy more effectively 5. Where to find ideas 6. How to unleash your reserved energy 7. What depletes your energy 8. The main tools of energy conversion 9. Why pleasure and comfort are your enemies 10. How to share your energy with others

discovering the purpose and calling of nations: national greatness starts from here ...

You will discover the following from this book: 1. God sees nations as sons. 2. Every nation is given birth to by God for a specific purpose. 3. No nation is an accident of history. 4. There are keys to discovering God's masterplan for every nation. 5. There is a tight connection between national values and national development. 6. The secret behind the greatness of America. 7. The challenges before Nigeria. 8. What makes France different? 9. What makes Germany tick? 10. What is the place of the United Kingdom in history?

do not spend the money you do not have to buy what you do not need to impress people who do not care

In this book you'll learn: 1. Ways you spend the money you don't have 2. The saliency of the act of spending 3. The world's spending culture 4. The power of choice in the act of spending 5. What is financial freedom 6. The illusion of credit score 7. Why people prefer to buy liabilities than assets 8. Differences between needs and wants 9. What is the slavery of the mind? 10. Money values to be rebuilt

don’t touch me, i’m hurting

In this book, you''ll find out that: 1. One who hardens his heart will never see the world as beautiful. 2. Responsiveness allows us to regulate our mood and increase our vitality. 3. We need to rush to do good to people, first of all, because our human essence manifests itself. 4. Learn to analyze your negative emotions and find the true cause of irritation 5. Patience and calmness are the opposite of irritation and inability to show restraint. 6. The forces that people spend on irritation, discontent, confusion of feelings, can be used intelligently to assemble internally and make the right decision 7. The resentment that has remained in the heart unresolved can take root, and then it becomes very dangerous not only for the offender but also for the offended. 8. The best way to solve a problem is to talk honestly about your grievance with another person 9. Recognizing the right of others to behave in one way or another, we do not allow resentment to settle in our heart. 10. Do not remember past grievances. The truth is that these grievances are remembered only by you and no one else.

don't eat tomorrow's food today

In this book you will discover: 1. There is a plague called consumerism 2. Majority of people are economic slaves 3. Oniomania – The Shopaholic problem 4. How not to eat tomorrow''s food today 5. How credit card enslaves you 6. The marriage between debt and people and how to break it 7. How you are eating your tomorrow''s bread today 8. How student loans are eating up your tomorrow''s income 9. How you are eating your tomorrow''s income through mortgage 10. The formula for wealth

excellence - your key to elevation

In this book you will discover: 1. Where there is excellence there is money 2. Excellence is the antidote to a life of mediocrity 3. Excellence will deliver you from irrelevance 4. Excellence will set you free from modern day slavery called money 5. Excellence will make you master of money 6. How to discover your niche in life 7. How to master the pain of discipline 8. How to develop excellence 9. The law of compounding or continuous improvement 10. You can change the course of history through the power of excellence

false and true understanding of love

In this book, you'll discover 1. Why love often turns to hate 2. The different types of love 3. How we all live in false love 4. Custody and controlling love 5. The illusionary kind of love 6. The commercial kind of love 7. Why love is so perverted 8. Characteristics of false and real love 9. It takes a whole person to truly love 10. What is the true view of love

forget about passion, obsession is supreme

In this book you''ll discover: 1. Every great impact is rooted in obsession 2. Obsession is attractive 3. Busy bodies are average people 4. Growing your passion into obsession 5. Obsession trumps passion in the face of challenges 6. Obsession in place of addiction 7. Intensive obsession overcomes severe opposition 8. Convert your frustrations into an obsessive impact 9. Obsession develops your talent into greatness 10. The unusual but intensive hunger of the obsessed

hello! i am searching for problems

In this book you will discover: 1. Learn to maximise problems 2. You don''t need to keep on running from problems any longer 3. Turn problems to your sprinkle 4. Problems are your biggest blessings 5. How to stop worrying about what you cannot change 6. Problems are your propellers of success 7. Learn to take direction of your pains 8. Every problem carries solution 9. How to live a worry free life 10. How to deal with disabilities

holistic personality or do you enjoy your life?

IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL DISCOVER: • The keys to enjoying life • How to be whole • What is discontentment • Why you feel inferior • Ingratitude leads to discontentment • The scale of wholeness • How to evaluate your wholeness level • How to be in peace with yourself and with your God • Characteristics of a whole person • Categories of wholeness

how africans brought civilization to europe: discover the phenomenal role of africans on all continents

In this book you will discover: 1. Africans brought civilization to Europe 2. Africa is the cradle of the world civilization 3. Africans built the ancient Egypt 4. Ethiopia the first civilization in the world 5. How African brought civilization to Asia 6. Africa''s influence on the world''s main religions 7. Africans influence on the roman emperor 8. Africans influence in the medieval Europe 9. Africans influence on the modern Europe 10. Africans influence on Christianity

how every african nation can become a first world nation

In this book you''ll learn that: 1. All Nations Are Equally Wealthy 3. Natural Resources Mean Little Compared to Time 4. How African Time Destroys Africa''s Development 5. How Time Wastage Affects Africa''s Development 6. The Statistics and Economics of Time 7. How Time Can Be Used to Develop Human Capital 8. Time Must Be Used For Productive Work 9. How Religion Destroys Industrialization 10. How First World Nations Get Ahead Of the Rest 11. The Effect of Wise Use of Time on the Economic Growth of Nations

how the church creates economic recession

In this book you will discover 1. The “get it now” mentality leads to recession 2. Disadvantages of the miracle-centered messages 3. How to transform a nation through the message of delayed gratification 4. If we fix our churches, we fix our nation 5. The gospel of miracles causes doom 6. Why churches must preach hard work instead of miracles and breakthroughs 7. How to build strong people 8. The harm and evil did to our societies by the message of miracles and breakthroughs. 9. The breakthrough that benefits nations 10. It is better to research than seek miracles

how to be in the here and now

In this book you will discover: 1. That, when your mind goes to sleep your life, becomes a mystery 2. To be in the in the here and now is to be alive 3. Our minds are designed to be vigilant at all times 4. Absent-mindedness has become the plague of our generation 5. You must stop daydreaming to discover your potential in life 6. Your productivity increases ten times when you eradicate from your life daydreaming 7. Your concentration and focus increase when you learn to be in the here and now 8. The difference between a man and an animal is man''s ability to live consciously 9. To live absentmindedly is to reduce self to biomasses 10. Learn to eradicate the practice of sleep walking from your life

how to become a developed nation through the dignity of labour

In this book you will discover: 1. What is Development 2. The dignity of labour 3. Influence of the reformers on Europe 4. What dignity of labour can do to developing nations 5. How deadly is the get rich quick culture 6. National transformation comes through work not miracles 7. Learn to work hard and smart 8. Benefits of work 9. Creating the right environment for work 10. Benefits of working in solitude

how to build a secured financial future

IN THIS BOOK WE WILL: • Wake you up from your financial slumber • Destroy all myths about money and financial freedom • Teach you to pay yourself instead of paying everybody else • Teach you how to create financial plan • Teach you how to create family and corporate budget • Teach you how to escape the world''s financial traps • Help you learn how to deal with debt • Teach you the necessary tips for investment • Teach you how to keep your motives right • You will learn how to better manage your finances for the future

how to build friendly relationship with your child

In this book you''ll discover: 1. The importance of establishing a friendly relationship with a child 2. If you are a friend with your child? 3. The importance of spending time together with your child 4. How to spend time together with your child 5. Consequences of lack of time with your child 6. 3 main types of mutual activities 7. Dinning together as a way to build relationship 8. How lunch time helps your child to be freer in communication and literacy 9. The most important investement in your child is value system 10. Maintain communication when physically distant from your child

how to find money for your dream: how to build a system that would finance your calling

How often do you hear such phrases as: "I would really like to do this, but I do not have the money," "I would definitely have succeeded in life, but the situation surrounding me wouldn't permit me." All these phrases reflect the general problem of most people in this world and the reason why many cannot start fulfilling their dreams: people are prone to be limited by their resources and available means, as well as the problems and situations in which they live. This general problem keeps people's dreams on the launch pad throughout their lives. All through their life, people have embraced the philosophy that they have to "overcome" their lack of resources, which in their opinion is the only way to achieving their dream or to even start it. A lot of people on our planet live in constant expectation of more resources or some form of miraculous breakthrough. They expect an initial capital for their own business, higher salaries, a Green card to move to the US, family inheritance, favorable circumstances, help from relatives, friends ... and some - in anticipation of a miracle. But indulging in vain hopes is the most effective way to "kill" a dream right from its very inception. In this book, you will find other stories of people known to all of us who have risen from the very bottom and have achieved outstanding success. They did not have all the resources that they needed as we all mistakenly believe to achieve success in their lives. We will always miss out in the opportunities that life presents if we keep focusing on what we lack. And this is the error of many people. That's why 97% of people remain as biomasses, just a number in the "statistics" and only 3% - become great and successful personalities. As soon as you understand the golden rule of achieving a dream, nothing will be impossible for you. The main principle of realization of a dream is based on four postulates, which we will consider successively in this book. Join the journey of reading this book and you will discover: 1. Why do we need a dream 2. Why you should never base your dream on what you have or don''t have 3. Find answers to all complex situations first in your mind 4. Why everything starts small 5. You will never have all that you need to accomplish your dream 6. If you have a vision, that is the sign that your dream can be accomplished 7. Visions, dreams, ideas are heaven''s whispers to a man 8. If you have a vision, then the resources are already available somewhere 9. How to move from idea to products 10. How to find money for your dream

how to create core values in a child

In this book you will discover: 1. The danger of a life without values 2. How to work with children 3. The values that should form the core 4. How to raise u a godly child 5. How to develop confidence in your child 6. How to develop love in a child 7. How to form the concept of freedom and personal responsibility in a child 8. How to develop a habit of hard work in your child 9. How to teach a child the concept of justice 10. How to teach a child to discover his passion

how to get what you need in life

In this book you will discover: 1. You can have all you need in life 2. Life is not about luck 3. Everything is within your reach 4. Your keys to breakthrough 5. Steps to get what you need 6. Reasons why people remain in need 7. Formula for getting what you need 8. How to determine your altitude in life 9. Laws to get what you need in life 10. How to develop a different approach to life

how to live an effective life

In this book you will discover: 1. How to discover your purpose early 2. The power of your identity 3. How not to abuse your life 4. How not to be busy for nothing 5. Your values determines your net worth not your appearance 6. The myth of a fast life 7. How not to run fast on the wrong track 8. How not to allow your dreams die 9. How to turn your obstacles into a miracle 10. Your greatness is in your challenges

how to make nigeria the greatest country in the world

In this book you will discover: 1. History proves it: Nigeria teaches America 2. Ebola - Nigeria Taught the World on Disease Control 3. See the Nigerian Future 4. Nigeria''s global trailblazers in Medicine and inventions 5. How Nigeria can have the World''s Best Products 6. The Nigerian who makes drones for the United States Army 7. Nigeria''s strength despite challenges 8. Exceptional feats by Nigerians 9. After 130 years, first Black Harvard Law Review female President is a Nigerian 10. A Nigerian Scientist Invents Device That Can Supply the Entire African Continent Uninterrupted Power Supply 11. When Nigerians arise 12. How we can make Nigeria Work 13. The smartest family in the world is Nigerian 14. Extraordinary feats by a single Nigerian 15. The Power of the Nigerian Spirit

how to overcome the fear of death

In this book you will discover: 1. The advantage of death 2. Are you ready to die today or tomorrow? 3. What is death? 4. The choice between life and death 5. Who goes to heaven? 6. Our body is a limitation 7. How to live right today not tomorrow 8. Why it can''t be boring in heaven 9. The earth is only a reflection of heaven 10. Benefits of heaven

how to regain your lost years

This book will teach you how: 1. The keys to regain your lost years 2. How to set smart goals 3. How to be extremely organised 4. How to live in active consciousness 5. How to maximize your gifts and talents 6. The advantages of intensity 7. How to take advantage of work 8. How to regain lost years through solitude 9. How to regain lost years through other people 10. To go from bankruptcy to wealth

how to transform a nation through the power of faith 

In this book you'll discover: 1. Why our culture is not transformed 2. Resolving national issues via faith 3. Your faith should produce physical changes and products. 4. Why most Christians are void of results 5. Faith to deliver a nation 6. Changing the status quo by faith 7. Every nation can be saved by faith 8. The secret to redeeming nations 9. Faith to become the father of nations 10. What problem will your faith solve?

how to transform and build a civilized nation

In this book you will discover: 1. Why everyone wants a better life 2. Why everybody is looking for freedom 3. Why character is the basis for a healthy society 4. The roles of principles in a healthy society 5. The role of inner qualities in building a healthy society 6. Why desire for success is a principle to build a healthy society 7. Why human rights is a condition for a healthy society 8. Value systems a must for a healthy society 9. Why money is not the ultimate in a healthy society 10. How to build a civilised society

how to turn everything negative to positive

In this book, you''ll discover: 1. How to turn condemnation into positive energy 2. How to turn inferiority complex into positive energy 3. How to turn disappointment and depression into positive energy 4. How to turn jealousy into positive energy 5. How to turn problems into positive energy 6. Turn your problems into a springboard 7. How to turn your fear into positive energy 8. How to turn self-condemnation and guilt into positive energy 9. Self-condemnation and guilt should be turned into self-realization 10. How to turn pain, hurt and grief into positive energy

how to win in life

In this book you will discover: 1. Why do some people succeed and why others fail 2. How to create your own miracles 3. How to win while others are failing 4. No short cuts to winning in life 5. Categories of people who win in life 6. How to fight for what you want 7. How to overcome your fears 8. Winners take responsibility 9. You fail when you fail to apply your mind 10. Principles make life predictable

i am a person, am i a personality

In this book you will discover 1. You are born a person but it is your responsibility to make yourself a human 2. To born physically is not enough to fully become a personality 3. What is it that makes a man a personality? 4. When a person is not fully human he remains a biomass 5. To be a biomass is to live a lower life of slave mentality 6. Sometimes are upbringing makes us to remain a biomass 7. Educational Systems keeps us in the slave mentality 8. To be com fully humean u must fully engage your mind 9. To become fully human u need of value systems 10. To become a personality you must learn to live a conscious life

insulted by ungodliness: raising a generation of the provoked in every nation

This book presents to you: 1.The need to fight injustice everywhere 2.What should be the Christian attitude to ungodliness 3.Biblical examples of how to deal with injustice 4.Historical facts of how ungodliness is being defeated in our generation 5.What you can do about injustice in your neighborhood 6.The ordinances of justice 7.William Wilberforce and the abolition movement 8.Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight against injustice in America 9.Moses as champion against ungodliness in the Old Testament 10.Mary Slessor and her revolution against ungodliness in the old Nigeria 11.How Martin Luther''s fight against ungodliness led to the reformation of the church 12.A case study of how Nelson Mandela stood against ungodliness in South Africa 13.How you can attain significance by fighting against ungodliness 14.The root of ungodliness 15.How to become a part of the provoked generation

kingdom first church second

In this book you''ll discover: 1. Explaining the absolutism and relativism of the Kingdom and the church 2. The Kingdom - God's government and reality 3. The Kingdom - God's dream for man and the earth 4. The place and role of the church 5. The church is called out to be different and not secluded 6. Church enterprises 7. The Kingdom is supreme and unquestionable 8. The church is created to advance the Kingdom 9. The Kingdom will judge the church 10. Churches come and go, but the Kingdom abides forever

the kingdom of sons

In this book, You will discover: 1. God Wants to Make You a Son, a King 2. Difference between Children and Sons 3. All Children Must Become Sons 4. Church is not for Membership Slavery; It is for Breeding Sons 5. Solomon''s kingdom shows a picture of God''s Kingdom – No Slaves 6. The Kingdom System Depends on Sons 7. The Kingdom System is about Manifestation of Sons 8. Sons Are not Just for the Pulpits 9. Slaves cannot Defend the Land; Only Sons Can 10. Sons Do Not Wait; They Take charge

ladies, forget about marriage, build your life

In this book you''ll discover: 1. Dangers of marriage before maturity 2. The heartaches of the immature wife 3. Who is a helper 4. The lady who is ready for marriage. 5. Think maturity before you think marriage 6. Why an unwholesome woman should not have children 7. Overcome your feelings of insecurity and low self-worth 8. How a lady's lack of self-love destroys her child self-esteem 9. Areas where self-sufficiency is needed 10. Dare to live, the journey to fulfillment

life is predictable

In this book you will discover: 1. Our lives are guided by laws 2. A good life is a result of observing laws and principles 3. Laws and principles make life predictable 4. Relationship with God is the key reason why life is predictable 5. Laws and Principles are not a restriction but a blessing 6. To be prosperous financially you must observe the laws of Money 7. If there is an effect there was a cost 8. To be healthy you must observe the laws of health 9. You can create your future by the laws you observe 10. Life is not a mystery thanks to the reviewed laws and principles

life is an opportunity

In this book you will discover: 1. The difference between success and luck 2. Why people are blind to opportunities 3. Who are does who take advantage of opportunities 4. How to best take advantage of opportunities 5. Why you should not live a life of excuse 6. How to live a life of gratitude 7. Life is about opportunities 8. How to recognise opportunities 9. How to constantly thrive towards your dreams 10. You waste your life when you let opportunities pass by

life's greatest secret - my greatest discovery in life

In this book you will discover 1. Life is not mysterious 2. My greatest discovery in life 3. Life is based on fixed laws and principles 4. Laws of life 5. The concept of fate and predestination 6. Life is not about luck but about an application of principles 7. You are not subject to spiritual forces 8. Geniuses are not born but geniuses are made 9. The laws of life are not hidden 10. How to interpret the bible to non-christians

living sexually free

This book unravels the mystery of how a person can live in victory over the sins of fornication and adultery. It outlines a strategy for victory over these sins and equips the reader with the knowledge of the truth that is able to bring him into genuine freedom.

money, riches, wealth

In this book you'll learn: 1. Are you going to be rich or poor the choice is yours 2. You can predict if you are going to be rich or poor 3. Factors that determine if you are going to be rich or poor 4. Money is not the determining factor for riches and wealth 5. Money and the source of money 6. Riches and the source of riches 7. Wealth and the source of wealth 8. You are already rich 9. You are the money you are looking for 10. Money is only a manifested form of wealth

moses generation vs joshua generation

In this book you''ll discover 1.Facts about the Moses generation 2.Understanding the Joshua generation 3.Evil doctrines of Moses generation 4.Embracing a Joshua generation leader 5.The mindset of a Joshua generation 6.The attitude of the Joshua generation 7.Loyalty is first to God 8.The wilderness experience 9.Discovering your promised land 10. In what condition will death meet you

nigeria and the leadership question: proffering solutions to nigeria''s leadership problem

This book provides for the reader: - An excellent perspective on the early historical origins and political development of Nigeria. - Solutions to the leadership question Nigeria has been struggling with since independence. - It destroys the myth that leadership is Nigeria''s only problem. - It points out the role of responsible followership in building a great nation. - It shows why democracy has not worked in Africa and what needs to be done for it to work. - It points out reasons why strong men (messiahs) cannot solve the problem of Nigeria and African nations. - It makes a case for building strong institutions and systems as the key to eradicating corruption and leadership failure. - It posits that wrong values are at the root of our national problems and challenges both for leaders and followers to imbibe good values. - It enjoins citizens not to abdicate the responsibility of their country to the leaders alone, but must themselves accept the responsibility for their nation. - It also shows examples of proactive Nigerians that are taking responsibility to build a better Nigeria.

no one is better than you

In this book you will discover: 1. 1 You already have the greatest wealth at your disposal 2. Why there is a gap between the rich and the poor 3. What really is the greatest wealth 4. The secret to all great achievements 5. You are a product of how you''ve used your time 6. Why only a few people are great 7. How to become the best version of yourself 8. Conversion is your key to greatness 9. How to contribute your quota to nation building 10. You become what you spend your time on

who am i? why am i here?

A cemetery is a literal gold mine of the richest ideas, the perfect business projects, the greatest discoveries, the most astounding musical scores and dynamic masterpieces of literature, theatre and peace treaties — all of them unheard in this world; all buried with the one created to accomplish them. “Why?” you ask. They are buried with people who were to make their own contributions to the development of mankind, medicine, science, culture and government. People are born to change the world. There are people who failed to step forward and believe in the dream that was living within them. There are people who did not discover their destiny. People who failed to hear that inner voice that builds dreams and visions of greatness. Unfortunately, all these wonderful dreams, ideas and projects are now buried with their authors. They will never be brought to life because they were given to people born on planet Earth for a specific purpose and a specific time. But YOU still have a chance! You are still alive! The voice of our Creator's heart and the cry of the Universe calls: "Human being! Do not make light of your life. Do not live it running the rat race. You need to take advantage of the opportunity to become the kind of person that you have been created to be. Find yourself and fulfill your mission!" •This book will tell you about who you really are. •You will discover how to know your value and make a name for yourself. •This book will help you to discover your latent energy and potential. •You will at last be able to answer the question, why I'm I here and where I'm I going. •You will find out your calling and how to fulfill your dreams. •You are going to be guided into specific steps that will take you from a dream to its fulfilment. •This book will show you how to overcome complexes that have held you back for so long. •You will learn how to set yourself free from feelings of guilt. •You will learn how to set yourself free from a victim mentality. •You will be able to at last overcome the fear of failure. •This book will teach you how to deal with criticism. •You will be delivered from living in denial. •You will be able to set yourself free from low self-esteem. •This book will teach you not just to find your life calling but how to help others discover themselves. •You will learn how to be a winner instead of a loser in life.

how the nigerian economy can overtake the american economy

In this book you will discover: 1. Can the Nigerian economy ever overtake American economy? 2. What is corruption and why corruption 3. Wastage in Nigeria's economy 4. How corruption is killing the Nigerian economy 5. How to stop corruption in Nigeria 6. The whistle-blowing policy 7. Institutions in fighting corruption 8. Challenges of fighting corruption in Nigeria 9. The role of the public in fighting corruption 10. The role of the government in fighting corruption

problems your shortcut to prominence

In this book you will discover: 1. You are not immune to problems 2. What matters is a positive attitude to problem 3. The problems you solve determine your significance 4. How to become a problem solver 5. The world is in need of problem solvers 6. You are not needed if you are not solving problems 7. You determine what you are going to be remembered for by the problems you resolve 8. You secure your place in history through problems you solve 9. How to always focus on the solution instead of the problem 10. How to start from where you are

only god can save nigeria: what a myth!

"In this book, you will find: •That while we are singing ""Only God Can Save Nigeria"", God is saying only we can fix Nigeria. •A pathway for national transformation through God-loving citizens •Simple and practical steps to transforming any nation. •Insightful solutions and practical steps to restoring the glory of our great nation Nigeria. •How the church in Nigeria has abandoned her responsibility and is now telling God to add our responsibility to His. •Why the people of Nigeria must stop complaining about the failure of the government to deliver and why we must begin to take responsibility for the ""garden"" (Nigeria) that God has given us •How to discover your own special area of influence that you are custom made to bring heavens solution to in Nigeria •That God has created and packaged skills, talents and abilities in you, not to be used in heaven but to be used to salvage Nigeria •That Joseph did not have to be a prophet, pastor, evangelist to solve Egypt's problem. So you too don’t need to have a title to contribute your quota to resolve Nigeria's problems •How you can begin to use your vocation and calling as platform for God and nation."

pastor face your calling

"This book will teach you on 1. Why Christians are not supposed to remain behind the pulpit or in the pews 2. The people who change the world did not remain in the 4 walls of the church 3. To be the Joseph of your nation you need to step out of the pulpit 4. You can be anointed and still be in politics 5. Every Christian must be in charge of a sphere of life 6. The church must change a worldview if she is to win the world for Christ 7. We contribute to the evils in the society when we don’t take charge of all spheres of life 8. Every Christian is a God-carrier for the world 9. We are to preach the gospel to every creature 10. Examples of Christians who changed the world"

poverty mindset vs abundance mindset: real poverty is not in the size of your pocket but in the size of your mind

"This books will teach you: 1.The reason for poverty and the reason for abundance 2.Misconceptions about riches and abundance 3.What the rich know that the poor don't know 4.The different attitude to money by the poor and the rich 5.The role of ignorance in poverty and abundance 6.How to take responsibility for your financial status 7.How to overcome your comfort zone 8.How to come out of paycheck mentality 9.How to overcome the fear of failure 10.How to forever come out of lack into abundance"

process is the new result

"In this book you'll learn: 1. Why people do not like process 2. The myths about process 3. The pictorial view of process 4. Process is the new result 5. Process tests your character 6. Process tests your capacity 7. Process tests your purpose 8. Never cheat process 9. Process talks about diligence 10. Teach your children process"

raising the next generation of steve jobs and bill gates: how to convert your inner energy into tangible products

This book will teach you 1.How to convert your inner energy into tangible product 2.How to get inspiration 3.How to get ideas from God 4.How to use your ideas and inspiration 5.How to convert your knowledge into wisdom 6.How to have a developed mind 7.How to create mental pictures 8.How to convert your religiosity into concrete results 9.How to become an inventor 10.How to live the best life

rid yourself of shallow-mindedness: create solutions for your world

"In this book, you will discover that 1. The world is shallow. 2. Lack of depth is killing our world. 3. The world is geared to make you not to think. 4. What you don’t know is killing you. 5. Most human beings are not alive. 6. Shallowness makes you a robot. 7. Shallow mindedness hampers inventions and discoveries. 8. Your depth determines your level of freedom. 9. Thinking is a key to life. 10. Thinking delivers you from religious superficiality."

7 tips to self-fulfilment in life

In this book you will discover: 1. Facts about living a fulfilled life 2. You are greater than who you are now 3. How to work with your intuition 4. How to do what you came to this world for 5. How to not rest on your laurel 6. Why you should not compare yourself to others 7. You can’t change what you tolerate 8. Crises are not tragedies they are traffic light 9. Why faith is inevitable 10. Why your dream is a myth without hard work

stop blaming what you lack!

"In this book, you will discover 1. How to stop playing the blame game. 2. The dangers of the blame game. 3. That your background doesn’t matter. 4. That what you lack doesn’t matter. 5. That you already have something. 6. That the only thing that matters is what you do with what you already have. 7. A list of what you already have. 8. How to build a life that matters. 9. The principles of success. 10. How to change your attitude to a winning attitude."

stop working for uncle sam: if you are working for money you are under uncle sam system. you need to get out fast

"In this book you will learn: • How to escape Uncle Sam’s bait • Are you a master or a slave of money • What is the purpose of work • How to discover yourself and add value to your life • You will earn how to escape from the slavery to salary • You will learn how to start your life again financially • You will learn how not to become a slave to the employer • You will discover if you are imprisoned by your job or not and how to come out • You will learn other ways Uncle Sam’s system puts people in bondage • You will learn how to be truly free financially"

system building - the key to resolving every problem and attaining every goal

"In this book you'll learn: 1. The importance of systems in our life 2. How people of systems rule the world 3. What is the relationship between success in life and the ability to build systems? 4. Consequences of lack of systemic approach to resolving problems 5. How to build systems 6. Algorithm of building any system 7. How to use various systems in everyday life 8. Systems created by Benjamin Franklin 9. How to build a system for your financial prosperity "

team building skills of jesus

"In this book you will discover: 1. Don’t be a lone ranger in life, you need a team 2. Learn how to build a team from Jesus 3. Key principles of building a team 4. The characteristics of team members 5. Jesus secret of building a team 6. How to attract people to your team 7. Criteria of picking your team members 8. Building unity in your team 9. The place of love in team building 10. A team is an reflection of the leader"

the beauty of nigeria's diversity: transforming nigeria through diversity

"In this book you'll learn about: 1. Understanding diversity 2. How diverse is Nigeria?? 3. What it means to celebrate our diversity? 4. How you can celebrate our diversity? 5. Exploring our diversity 6. When we fail to appreciate and explore our diversity 7. Why should you care? 8. How does the average Nigerian think? 9. Maximizing Nigeria’s cultural and ethnical diversity 10. Morality and religious diversity in Nigeria. 11. Why Nigeria needs rebranding 12. How can we shatter corporate discrimination? 13. Transforming Nigeria through diversity 14. Celebrating the beauty of Nigeria’s diversity 15. Looking at the bigger picture"

the church, an instrument to subdue the earth: the church is not a building. you are the church!

"In this book you will discover: 1. Who are the pulpit wardens 2. What is ministry 3. Everyone is a minister 4. The church is an agent of change 5. Why go to church 6. Egocentric leaders raise egocentric followers 7. The church is the conscience of the society 8. Every society is the product of church’s values 9. The ills of the church-minded church 10. On assignment to subdue the earth for God"

the creative and innovative power of a genius

"In this book you will discover: 1. Geniuses are made not born 2. How to discover your genius through what you love 3. How not to waste your genius 4. Discover how hardship awakens your genius 5. The thinking power of a genius 6. Self-education leads to amazing results 7. Your success is in your own hands 8. The difference between a genius and an inventor 9. How to move from small beginnings to great things 10. Where is the best place to become a genius?"

the danger of monoculturalism in the xxi century

"In this book you will discover: 1. Discrimination leads to genocide 2. How to treat those different from us 3. The tragedies of intolerance 4. The ideal society 5. How we are affected by stereotypes and prejudices 6. Unveiling your own prejudice 7. The dangers of stereotypes 8. Inventions of black African science 9. The dangers of judging others based on physical attributes 10. The awards of embracing other cultures"

the death of nations, why countries fail

"In this book you'll discover: 1. Why nations die 2. Cynicism as a death threat to any nation 3. What poisons a nation 4. The role of protests in a modern society 5. When the media kills a nation 6. The cankerworm of disillusionment 7. Reasons for national disillusionment 8. Reasons for national corruption 9. How corruption kills nations 10. How inequality kills nations 11. How apathy kills nations 12. The rise, fall and death of nations 13. Strengths and weaknesses of nations 14. Indicators of a failing state 15. Measures to rescue dying nations"

the elijah challenge: a challenge to nigerian g.o.s, bishops, and senior pastors

"The Elijah challenge is a detailed analysis of a challenge thrown to the Nigerian G.Os, Bishops and Senior pastors to repent from the false gospels of mammon, syncretism and paganism that has destroyed the church and nation and for them all to return to the gospel of the Kingdom. In this book you'll learn: 1. How to understand my perspective 2. How I was trained in the wilderness of communism 3. Why Nigerians find it difficult to understand me 4. My experience in changing in a nation 5. How God changed my understanding of ministry 6. Why the Elijah challenge 7. The perversion of the gospel in Nigeria 8. The superiority of the truth above culture 9. The error of the Old Testament “gospel” in Nigeria 10. How to break the plague and culture of silence in Nigeria"

the essence and value of life

"In this book you will discover: 1. What life is not 2. The true measure of life 3. The origin and source of life. 4. 4The cost of ignorance 5. How to discover your purpose in life 6. The meaning of life 7. The true essence of life 8. Deadly distractions of life 9. The superiority of life 10. Living with your regrets"

the jesus you never knew

Jesus wished above all, that after His ascendance to the Father, those who are left here on earth, would repeat and multiply the works that He did. This is possible, only when every Christian gets to know Jesus personally. This book is a key on how to know Jesus and how to do the works of God.

the kingdom driven life: thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth . . .

The Kingdom Driven Life Do you want to live a kingdom driven life? Do you want to discover your divine purpose? Do you want to discover the life you were born to live and ignite it with passion? The kingdom driven life by Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a book that will help you to do just that. More also: * This book will tell you how to discover your destiny and take kingdom principles to spheres only you can address. * This book will teach you not only how to bring revival to your city and nation, but also how to transform your culture. * This book will usher you into the new church era, when churches don’t just evangelize but focus on impacting the society and extending the kingdom of God to the wider culture. – The kingdom era. * In this book you will see the testimonies and illustration of how ordinary individuals have been able to use the principles of this book to influence and transform their world. * This book will teach you that the kingdom does not belong to a race of people, nation, to Christians or any particular “brand” of church, but to all people. * The kingdom driven life will cause you to evaluate your life, show you the right adjustments to make and it will cause you to grow in the knowledge of the kingdom of God like you have never experienced before. * It will unveil to you that the purpose of every Christian is to be like leaven, influencing the environment where God places them until it is quietly transformed to reflect the glory of God.

the kingdom of love

God is love, and His Kingdom is the Kingdom of love. We become dwellers of this Kingdom at the moment of salvation, when this love settles in our hearts. God's intent is very simple - it is to establish His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. God is the Spirit and Earth is physical. That is why God created man to accomplish this important mission - establishing the Kingdom of Love on Earth. As Christians, living in the end times, we received this mission in a relay race. How does God see love? What are the rules that make love function in our world? Can humans love in the way God loves? How do we grow in love? This book will help you understand: Do you really live in the Kingdom of Love? Do you fulfill the commandment of the King, by whom you were saved and called for a mission? I believe the Holy Spirit will open new horizons of love to you, and will make you stronger in your intention to become Christ-like in order to establish God's Kingdom of Love on Earth.

the nigeria economy: the way forward

"In this book you will discover: 1. How the Nigeria economy could be positioned for the next 50 to 100 years 2. How Nigeria can move from emerging market economy to the TOP-10 economy of the world 3. How Nigeria could capitalize on the experience of China and India to build a superior economy 4. How “Made in Nigeria” could become a dominant brand in the Africa continent and the world 5. How Nigeria could set herself free from the “curse” of oil money 6. How Nigeria could transition from oil-based economy into argo-based economy 7. How Nigeria can maximize the concept of free economic zones 8. How Nigeria can build a super economy based on her diaspora population 9. How Nigeria could capitalize on the knowledge economy to build the 21st century economy 10. How Nigeria could raise up the new sets of industrial giants, Dangote, Otedola, etc."

the mountain of ignorance: the greatest problem of man is not sin or satan, it is ignorance

In this book you will learn : •That knowledge is the foundation of every success •That knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness •That Satan rules through darkness and God rules through light •The varieties of ignorance and how to overcome them •How ignorance is destroying the church and how to overcome it •The difference between the poor and the rich, developed and underdeveloped nation is ignorance •The ills of any society can be traced back to ignorance •That there is no excuse for ignorance •How to fight your own ignorance •To overcome ignorance we must stop seeking after miracles but principles •The church must start raising sons instead of slaves •That we must not be silent •That we must begin to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God •That God can only relate to us based on the level of our knowledge •That all your limitations are caused by ignorance and you will learn to overcome them in this book

the plague of silence

"It was Adolf Hitler who said what a joy it is for oppressors that the masses do not think. What he said actually was “what a joy it is for leaders that people do not think”. Personally, I see it as a great tragedy that the masses do not think. Many believe that Hitler was possessed in this saying, but sadly a lot of leaders think like Hitler. Oppressors think like Hitler, and it is a joy for them that people do not think and people are not speaking out. It seems the oppressed have made an oath of silence. It is heartbreaking that a man will rejoice over another’s silence and ignorance. It is unfortunate that people do not think, it is not a joy, it is a tragedy and I feel that there is hope when I see someone who has found his voice in his generation and is speaking out. I have come to a realization over the years that some people never wake up, some people never wake up throughout their entire lives. In fact, most people are perpetually sleeping. They never ever wake up. Many people go to their graves without asking any questions during their course of existence. Many people live and die without saying anything significant. None of their words mattered. Though they said billions of words while alive, but they never said anything that mattered. They were plagued with silence all through their lives. In this book, I want to teach you to live. I want to teach you to speak out. I want to show you the grave danger of silence. By the time you are done reading this book, your voice will be loud and clear. You would have realized the importance of your voice in your generation. You would have realized that it is important for you to fight off evil. You would understand how important it is for you to take a stand against oppression in your generation. Your voice matters. Come along with me and let me show you how to overcome your plague of silence, then begin to use your voice in this generation. Start reading and in this book you'll discover: 1. The plague called silence 2. How silence is nurturing evil 3. Why the plague of silence destroys a nation 4. There is a plague in the church 5. Why a silent church is a church in darkness 6. Silence is the joy of an oppressor 7. How evil reigns through silence 8. How silence destroys a country 9. How to challenge the evil of your family, culture, and society 10. How to break the social stereotypes of silence"

the power and force of discipline for transforming lives and nation

"In this book you will discover that: Discipline is a force Discipline is a power Discipline is not punishment Discipline is not perfection, it is progress Discipline unveils God’s secrets to you Discipline will improve your life The pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret Discipline can change a country and a continent Discipline is a possibility for everyone You can do exploits through discipline"

the role of elites in national transformation

"In this book you'll discover: 1. The Dead Horse Called 'Aristocratic Elitism 2. Aristocracy – What is it? 3. The root of aristocratic elitism 4. Short history of elitism in Africa 5. Aristocratic elitism in Nigeria – “big-manism” 6. The need for Africa to Address the Issue of Aristocratic Elitism 7. What is supposed to be the concern of the elites in the African society? 8. The impacts of Aristocratic culture in the society 9. The increasing vulnerability of the youth to social vices 10. Role of the Church in National transformation"

the secret of fruitfulness

In this book, You will discover:1. Understanding fruitfulness 2. Fruitfulness is God’s sovereign will3. Fruitfulness – your pristine birthright4. Dimensions of fruitfulness5. Fruitful despite all odds6. Overcoming the fear of unfruitfulness7. Becoming fruitful through faithfulness8. The blessing: an inbuilt power for fruitfulness9. Fruitfulness is a divine order10. Fruitfulness is a key to your fulfulment

the sin of irresponsibility

Before God can trust us with something, He has to be sure that we will take responsibility. Every day we have the opportunity to justify someone’s confidence. We are trusted by superiors at work, husbands or wives in the family, the leaders in the church. Our future depends on how seriously we take this.

the supremacy and preeminence of truth

"In this book you’ll discover: 1. Without truth, there is no life 2. The truth always prevails 3. The truth should be stronger than your belief system 4. A value system of lies result in underdevelopment 5. Prayer cannot replace the truth 6. Prayers cannot manipulate the truth 7. Unending shame comes from rejecting the truth 8. Exalt the truth above yourself 9. Knowing the truth alone is not enough 10. Remain on the side of the truth"

the veritable source of energy

"In this book you will discover 1. Why we are so desperate for energy 2. Energy is the force behind all meaningful accomplishments 3. God’s presence, our source to divine energy 4. Practical ways to access energy 5. How to raise your energy level 6. How to triumph through God’s energy 7. How to release your energy to birth revivals and transformations 8. How to release your energy for concrete accomplishments 9. You can accomplish anything 10. Why and how you lose energy"

truth, non-truth and lies

"In this book you'll learn: 1. Truth makes hard choices, non-truth makes easy choices 2. Non-truth crumbles nations and institutions 3. Non-truth; the cause of mediocrity 4. Life is governed by principles, not non-truth 5. How the Church has become buried in non-truth 6. You Belong to God, No one Else 7. Truth is not subjective 8. Dangers of Non-Truth 9. Truth is Always Absolute 10. The Truth Does Not Change"

understanding and overcoming masturbation: discover the way to get rid of sex addiction

We live in a time where many people now question the essence of upholding core values which once were the bedrock for human relationships and societal development. Especially when it comes to the subject of masturbation, most people are still reeling in doubts and questioning if there is anything really wrong or harmful with this self-indulging act.If we are going to enjoy healthy living, wholesome personalities, thriving marriages, and participate actively in positive societal transformations, first of all, we must ensure that we are enjoying real victories in our personal lives. We must be living whole lives and enjoying complete freedom.But what's wrong with masturbation, you may ask?Well, masturbation is the use of sexual urges and ecstasy for one's self alone; it is seeking to satisfy our sexual urge on our own terms, ignoring the union of a man to woman, which is God's grand design. When most people masturbate, they have to conceive an image or picture a partner on their minds, which is equivalent to what Jesus termed adultery in the book of Matthew.For the young and unmarried, masturbation could disfigure your personal value and interest in the beautiful institution called marriage, leading to such a noxious problem that you cannot see the opposite gender without a single thought of sex. Most people who are actively involved in the practice of masturbation will in no time lose taste for the institution of marriage. Thus, the real fight is to preserve the system God has provided for our personal satisfaction and eliminate the counterfeits that wreck the destinies of men.One thing about masturbation is the fact that it's very addictive in nature. It has a way of controlling and enslaving its victim the moment you taste of it for once. It will beckon on you for more, and at the same time making you weak, exhausting valuable calories of your energy. For some folks, it could go even further into creating nervousness and neurological problems. Controlling it could become a colossal menace!I will, however, admit here that I personally suffered greatly from this practice. I also stand to be a living testimony of victory over this and other sexual addictions. It is this fact that informs me to share my experience with as many as are willing to listen.I would like to affirm that experiencing total freedom from this bondage comes gradually through the exercise of your faith and patience, as you take essential steps towards your liberty. That is the reason I decided to outline here 20 concrete steps you need to take to break free. These principles worked for me and many others; therefore, I'm confident to make them available to you for your triumph in this area.Thus this book you'll find out:1. Reasons why masturbation is wrong 2. How don't let masturbation define you 3. How to protect your thoughts 4. How to close the gates 5. Why the state of your mind matters 6. How to learn to say 'no' 7. How to do not surrender 8. How to use your will-power 9. How to keep a distance from your object of lust 10. How to guard your mind diligently

understanding god

There is nothing more important in the life of a christian than to seek God, understand Him and walk with Him. Understanding God is understanding His ways, His character, His thoughts and His world view. Our main purpose is to reveal God; to reveal Him through our way of life, our deeds and our actions, for only then we will be able to do the works He did. Understanding God is understanding ourselves. When we get to know our creator we also get to know his creation, because we are made in His image. In order to understand ourselves, we need to understand him. This book will allow you to understand God, hence understand yourself.

a visionless life is a meaningless life

"In this book you will discover: 1. Why we can’t do without vision 2. Why people do not understand what vision is 3. Danger of living without vision 4. The basis of life must be vision 5. How to make vision the pursuit of your life 6. Vision provides wisdom 7. Vision provides common sense 8. Your vision and existence is to solve a problem 9. Vision motivates you toward success in life 10. Vision brings clarity to your life"

what do you do with your time?

In this book you will discover: 1. How to live on purpose 2. The power of purpose 3. How do you spend your free time 4. Time must be converted 5. How to be effective with your time 6. Time is life 7. Assess your time in days 8. How to create value daily 9. Produce something measurable with your time 10. Where are your products

what miracles will not do for you

In this book you'll discover that: 1. Miracles will not make you a champion 2. Miracles will not sustain prosperity 3. Continually seeking financial miracles turns you into a fraudster 4. If miracles crown kings, unbelievers will be hopeless 5. Miracles will not develop a nation 6. Miracles can give you healing but not good health 7. Miracles will not give you blissful marriage nor train your children 8. Miracles will not raise your children 9. When you grow mentally, you will not be a miracle seeker 10. Miracles will not give you academic and career success

when to pray, when not to pray, and when to stop praying

"In this book, you will find out 1. That there is a time to pray. 2. That there is a time not to pray. 3. That there is a time to stop praying. 4. Why you must stop using prayer as a cover-up. 5. How to be a man or woman of prayer. 6. Prayer is important but is only half of the equation. 7. Prayer must produce substance. 8. How your prayer can be effective. 9. After praying, what next? 10. How to make your prayers produce evidence."

where are the heroes? let heroes аrise!

In this book you will discover 1. Who is a hero 2. Heroes are awakened people 3. Heroes live for the higher purpose 4. Heroes solve problems 5. Heroes invent 6. Heroes fight for justice 7. Heroes put their lives on the line 8. Heroes dare the giant 9. Where there are no heroes people perish 10. The birth of a Hero

where there is problem, there is money

In this book you will discover that: • Problems and money go hand-in-hand • The rich make money out of problems • Where there’s problem there’s abundance of wealth • To run away from problems is to run away from your wealth • Every problem should birth a solution • Don refuse to be defined by a problem, be defined by the solution • Turn your problems into your business • The greater the problem, the bigger the wealth • No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it • New problems call for new solutions

who will attend your funeral

"In this book you'll learn: 1. Principles of life 2. How we waste our lives 3. How we lose our dreams 4. In pursuit of a mirage of this world 5. Every one of us is responsible for his own monument to be erected 6. Why life is given to us 7. Every life should have a goal! 8. Tips to know your calling and find your place in life 9. Obstacles to your dreams 10. Three alarms reminding of death"

why am i unlucky?

"In this book you will discover: 1. The root of bad luck 2. Who is lucky in life 3. Preparation makes you to be lucky 4. Your level of preparation determines your results in life 5. How to invest in your luck 6. How every can make themselves lucky 7. How to get rid of excuses 8. Lucky people are lucky because they follow principles 9. What are the principles that will make you lucky in life 10. Good preparation is better than waiting for miracles"

why does god take from those who don’t have and give to those who have?

"In this book you will discover: 1. Understanding the parable of the talents 2. How to double what’s in your hands 3. Your expenses are either liabilities or assets 4. Reject the doctrine of selfishness and laziness 5. Why those who have will continue to have 6. Why those who don’t have will continue to lose 7. How to live in wealth and abundance 8. You have the capacity for growth and increase 9. Work to learn not to earn 10. Why you must value processes"

stop looking for a job: joblessness is a blessing

In this book you will discover: 1. The problem with joblessness 2. Why job is slavery 3. Why job is a curse 4. What is uncle Sam syndrome 5. Why salary is a slavery 7. How to solve the problem of unemployment 8. The difference between work and a job 9. Practical steps for your calling 10. Steps to find yourself

why losing your job is the best thing that could happen to you

"In this book you will discover: 1. Not having a job can be a good thing 2. The true definition of work 3. Work is not just for survival 4. No More fears of losing your job 5. Your life is measured by time 6. Stop selling off your time 7. Time is your scarcest resource 8. Invest into yourself 9. Multiply and reproduce 10. How to find your calling"

why you need to urgently become a workaholic

"This book will teach you: • how to have a passion for hard work • how to sustain life through work • how to develop a nation through the dignity of labour • how to develop a healthy work culture • that work is not a curse • benefits of hard work • comparison between miracles and hard work • the attitude of Jesus to hard work • examples of hard work from great men of history • prayer does not and can not develop a nation, but hard work ca"

work is better than vacation, labour better than favour

"In this book you will discover: 1. Why many don’t understand work 2. Origin of work 3. Why God still works 4. What is the order of life 5. Favour vs Labour 6. You can work everyday 7. Why God works still 8. Work a tool for self-discovery 9. Work a tool for development 10. Work a tool to convert time"

you are born to make your nation great

"In this book, you will find out 1. How you can influence a whole nation. 2. How to change a nation through personal responsibility. 3. The conversion power of problems. 4. What Is personal responsibility. 5. Principles of personal responsibility. 6. Mechanisms for nations’ transformation. 7. How an individual can fix a nation’s problems. 8. Nigeria as a case study. 9. How to solve Nigeria’s problem through personal responsibility. 10. How Nigerian citizens can help the government build a better country."

your greatness is proportional to your trials, crises and tribulations!

"In this book you will discover: 1. What you need to do to be great 2. The price of greatness 3. Dealing with challenges 4. Your crises is not to destroy you 5. Life is about overcoming challenges 6. You can create the life you want 7. You are never defeated until you accept defeat 8. There is no excuse for ignorance 9. You are a product of your battles 10. Fight the good fight of faith"

your tomorrow depends on the actions you take today

"In this book you will discover: 1. Your Actions Determine Your Future 2. Nothing Changes until You Act 3. The Impact of Education on the future of a Nation 4. Why Many Die In Poverty 5. Without Vision, Your Future Is Uncertain 6. What You Do With Your Time Now Determines Your Future 7. You Must Work More Than You Pray 8. Your Tomorrow is Not Dependent on Prophecies 9. Prayer Doesn’t Determine Your Destiny 10. Hard Work Beats Faith When Faith is dead"

how the nigerian economy can overtakethe american economy

"In this book you will discover: 1. Can the Nigerian economy ever overtake American economy? 2. What is corruption and why corruption 3. Wastage in Nigeria's economy 4. How corruption is killing the Nigerian economy 5. How to stop corruption in Nigeria 6. The whistle-blowing policy 7. Institutions in fighting corruption 8. Challenges of fighting corruption in Nigeria 9. The role of the public in fighting corruption 10. The role of the government in fighting corruption"

problems, your shortcut to prominence

"In this book you will discover: 1. You are not immune to problems 2. What matters is a positive attitude to problem 3. The problems you solve determine your significance 4. How to become a problem solver 5. The world is in need of problem solvers 6. You are not needed if you are not solving problems 7. You determine what you are going to be remembered for by the problems you resolve 8. You secure your place in history through problems you solve 9. How to always focus on the solution instead of the problem 10. How to start from where you are"

the law of difference

"In this book you will discover: 1. Wisdom is the ability to see a difference 2. Wisdom is the ability to see the difference between the primary and secondary things 3. Principle of the law of difference 4. How to live by the law of difference 5. The essence of the law of difference 6. The law of difference makes you notice people 7. The law of difference sees a store in every person 8. Consequences of inability to see difference 9. The ability to see difference leads to success 10. Fight for your difference "

nigeria is not a democracy; we are a kleptocracy

In this book you’ll discover: 1. What is kleptocracy? 2. How much has really been stolen from Nigeria in the last 50 years? 3. The revolution that Nigeria needs 4. The pillar of corruption in Nigeria 5. The evil concept of national cake: kleptocracy in action 6. Why we must rebuild our electoral process 7. Money politics versus idea politics 8. Why democracy won’t work in Nigeria 9. Advantages and disadvantages of democracy? 10. Elitism: another root of kleptocracy and national problems


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