The Book of Messages
It’s a book of messages as directed by the Spirit of the living God powered by Akirisore the good doer. In the cold night of Feb 10, 2018 as I sort the face of God as I always do, interceding. I heard Holy spirit say to me ' I AKIRISORE have landed in your midst to do mighty good to all who believe in me. He said I am anointed to do and good will I do to all whose voice has been raised to me. Acts 10:38. Go tell it dear child that I am here, I have landed, go tell the good news, the assurance I have given you today. I will use my word to do good, it will be as gathering of wood and the answers will be the fire, the manifestations. I gather the wood, the WORD and AKIRISORE works via it and the answer will bring fire on the WORD! This book is the gathering of God's word by the understanding of the wonder working power of God. His message to You. AKIRISORE. the good doer Jesus working via the WORD located received and believed. --
Author : Rachael Adelekan
Published : 2020
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : RELIGION / Devotional
Number of Pages : 104

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