Folaranmi Tunde Oyediran

Folaranmi Tunde OYEDIRAN is a prolific writer and author, a pastor, highly sought-after conference speaker and youth development and leadership expert. He has, for over twenty years, been at the forefront of mobilizing and challenging young people to clearly discover, cleverly develop, creatively deploy and maximally display their potentials through effective teaching of timeless Biblical principles powered by eternal perspective. He is a voracious reader and has written and authored over forty inspirational books that cut across all spheres of life. He writes in a practical, easy-to-read-and-applied manner and that’s why his books are in very high demand across the nation and beyond. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Daystar Leadership Academy where he obtained an Advanced Certificate in Leadership. He is a Langham (UK) Scholar in Expository Preaching (Level II). He obtained a B. Tech degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Nigeria. He currently pastors FoursquareTMC Aro Lambo, a fast growing church with highly dynamic people. He also provides pastoral leadership to the National Fellowship of Foursquare Students (NaFFS), the National Students’ Ministry of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria. He enjoys a blissful marriage with his adorable wife, Oluwabunmi and their union of thirteen years has produced three exceptional children, Emmanuel, Victory and Favoured.

Books by Folaranmi Tunde Oyediran

becoming a campuspreneur

This book will guide you along the pathway unto financial freedom and economic security, not only now on the campus, but also when you eventually step into the larger society. This book will transform your life from being in constant need and debts to being self-sustaining, as a student, working with your own hands. It will place in your hands keys to giving your student life a meaning and giving your future some hope - hope of a secured gainful employment afterwards. You will find in this book, one hundred suggested small scale businesses that you can start, run and manage on your own, as a student. These businesses can grow to big time investments in the future as you passionately pursue any of them you choose to invest in at this moment of little beginning. However, you will not find in this book any magical wand into making money. This book is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ manual. It will guide and help you to see opportunities that abound around you where you can provide goods and services for people and get paid through them. If you look so well, you will discover such opportunities wherever you are. Those who remain poor perpetually are those who pass over such opportunities repeatedly.

becoming a leading leader

It is one thing to have the ability to influence others, through different means and methods, and build personal superstructure or empires for oneself, but it is a different thing to identify others in the fold of your followers who have the capacity to rise and be the best for your organization and the larger society using their God-given talents and special abilities. When you are able to identify those people and empower them to do the work, you are qualified to be called a leading leader. Many are out there today who claim to be leading others but in real sense, they are not even leading themselves. This book will open your eyes to principles of leadership that will help you discover leadership potentials around you and develop them for transgenerational influence.

why lord, why

When tragedy strikes the simple straightforward soothing answers that we often give as Christians seem suddenly inadequate. Our preconceived ideas about life's situations and God, the creator of all things no longer fit in into the stark reality. Many times they even become reasons for us to ask more questions. What do you do in such a situation? How do you handle such a time, unperturbed? I have not attempted to give answers to the questions people often ask when things fall apart in their lives. Neither have I tried to set aside or discredit those given already. But by the help of the Holy Spirit, I will try to point your attention to Him who holds the key to every situation of life, as we reason together from His words so you may hold on to Him. He never promised a trouble-free life but has said, This is the central focus of this book: that in all situations of life, no matter how terrible and petrifying, there is hope in Him. We need to know that the only way to keep our head in times of unfavourable circumstances is that trust, absolute dependence on and surrender to God's unfailing hands. It is sufficient for you to know that no matter what has happened, He is able to see you through it. And that He is not only able but also ready to bring you out of the darkness into His floodlight where you can rise and shine again. We must learn to trust and take solace in that trustworthy promise, 'I will be with you'. It is comforting to know that in whatever situation you are passing through you are not alone. God's tripartite character of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence should assure us that no situation whatsoever can escape His attention and that nothing in our experiences is beyond His ability.

rest for your soul

You can have rest in abundance. Yes, it is God’s intention to give you rest. You can obtain respite from all your hard labours and heavy burdens. It doesn’t matter what kind of yoke you’re under or the burden you are bearing. Do you have a load of care and worries over your life and family? Is your health giving you cause for serious concern? Jesus can turn the tides and change the course of events in your life. However, enjoying divine rest is not automatic. There are certain steps you need to take to fully appropriate its provision in your life. Jesus gave an invitation and the steps to take to find rest for your weary soul in Matthew chapter eleven and verses twenty-eight to thirty. This text is the central focus of this book. In the next couple of pages, you will learn how the message in it can have tremendous transforming impact in your life if you wholeheartedly follow the instructions therein.

you can stand out

There is no better time to live and make inalienable marks in the world than now. There has never been any time in human history that the light we carry, as children of light, was in high demand as in the time in which we are privileged to live. Do you know why I am so excited that I am alive today? It’s because the darker the night, the brighter the light shines no matter the size and intensity. Light is irrelevant in the absence of darkness! So, the present darkness enraptured world makes the need for light ineffaceable. So, the world needs me! It’s in critical need of you, too! You can’t afford to let the world down. There is a general false assumption that to get ahead or make any meaningful impact or succeed in this present world, one must conform to the sinful practices of the world, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, they say. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Believe me, ‘beating them’, which means to stand out, has never been this easy! If standing out were not possible, God would not have commanded believers to “arise, shine….for darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people”. The Holy Bible is replete with accounts of many godly men and women who never sold their souls to the devil and yet made inalienable marks in their generations. It is possible to be distinct and different in this generation. This book provides nine timeless principles of living an outstanding life, drawn from the life of biblical Daniel.

becoming your dream person

Your future satisfaction and happiness depends on the fulfillment of your dreams and visions. I have discovered personally that the only thing that makes me feel on top of the world is getting my desires come true. Think about the people you know who are truly satisfied and happy with their lives and you’ll discover that they are those doing exactly what they want to do. They are those living within the actualization of the dreams and visions they had in their mind yesterday. They are not people who are just getting bye or trying to survive. They are not those trying to live to be like or please others. Real happiness comes only through the fulfillment of your dreams. This presupposes, and rightly so that you must have a definite vision for your life. Where there is no vision, there is no future because the people get involved in a lot of worthless things and destruction meets many along the path. People who don’t have vision don’t have life. In Becoming Your Dream Person, you will learn how to develop life-transforming visions and map out strategies for their actualization.

recipe for uncommon success

Everyman is an embodiment of innate capacity to achieve unusual feats in life – and that includes you! Yes, YOU – with all your frailties, weaknesses and inadequacies. You don’t necessarily have to be a so-called ‘genius’ to do something special with your life. In fact, what we term ‘genius’ or ‘extraordinary’ is what happens when ordinary men put a little extra effort into whatever their hands find to do in life. Ordinary people, like you and me, putting a little bit more effort and ingenuity into doing what they want to and have the capacity to do and achieving great success in the process. That is called extraordinary achievement – intentionally uncommon success. You already have embedded in you, the capacity to succeed in any area of life – academics, business, sports, and career etc – the way only you have been created to succeed. You are one of a class, created in God’s very own image, nature and creative capability. You are made for uncommon success. Reading this book will expose you to eight failure-proof keys to unlocking the door of prominent achievements in all aspects of your life.

you too can succeed

“Those who pass examinations with distinction are not necessarily the most knowledgeable in those subjects… There are simple success skills that most successful apply that put them ahead of their colleagues. If you must excel, you must acquire such skills. Many students fail, not because they have not paid the price by studying but because they lack wisdom for academic success”. What are the success skills necessary for outstanding academic feats? Bestselling inspirational author, Folaranmi Tunde Oyediran provides answers in the 21 Daily Habits of Highly Successful Students.

cheer up! your tomorrow is bright

I suppose there has never been a time in history when people have been as hopelessly apprehensive about their future as in the days in which we live. The reasons are very obvious. Many are deeply frightened, distressed and have lost hope of a better tomorrow. In their estimation and opinion, since things were ‘better’ few years back than they are at present, all they can see ahead is gloom and doom. But I have an absolutely strong and irrefutably dependable assurance for tomorrow. Yes, I truly do. In the midst of the glooming gale that envelopes our world today, I see hope in your tomorrow. God, the Supreme Being, has the capacity to give you the grace to live a life of faith, hope and fullness. How is this possible? In this book: Cheer Up Your Tomorrow Is Bright, I present to you the three fundamental keys to unlocking a life of faith, hope and fullness.

finding and fulfilling your ministry

Oftentimes when we hear the word “ministry” what comes to mind is ‘church work’. We have come to believe, though erroneously, that the only ones who are in ministry are the ones who work in or around church. Yes, the word is commonly used among ‘church people’ but a full understanding of its meaning, within the context of the Bible reveals that ministry simply means devoting all that you are to serving people, whether in the church or outside it, for Christ’s sake. It is using all of your talents, gifts, training, and opportunities for God's work of building his church, uniting all things in Christ and making positive impact in the society to the glory of His name. Being ‘in ministry’ means living every moment for God, for his purposes and glory. It is offering your whole life in service to God, through humanity. In a nutshell, your ministry is your purpose, determined by God long before you were formed. In this book, you will learn how to maximize your divinely supplied gifts and talents for maximum impact in your generation.

gentle little leadings

We all make innumerable decisions on daily basis and we are oftentimes careful not to make those decisions in error. Many of the decisions are minor while some have far reaching effects on the individual making them, his family, ministry and sometimes the society. Unluckily, everyday it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live the Christian life and to make decisions that portray us as believers in God, His principles and standards for living as stated in the Bible. The world is getting crazier by the day. Things that were abominable many years ago are being accepted as societal norms in today’s world. Many people are confused and desperately in search of the ways to hear God assuredly in the midst of the confusion and cacophony of voices that speak so loudly particularly, through the media, entertainment and music industries. Many are confused and tend to ask questions: does God still speak to His people today? How can one hear His voice and follow His guidance in the midst of the confusions prevalent in this present generation? Most of us believe the Bible that reports that God, in the cool of the day, conversed with Adam in the first garden as recorded in the book Genesis. We believe He told Noah to build an ark, in the midst of a warped up world of his era; we trust the records that affirm the He spoke to Moses and called him to go deliver His people from Egypt, in a burning bush and promised Abraham a son, after instructing him to leave his father’s house and his people to go to an unknown land. Even the account of Paul who heard His voice on the way to Damascus is well known and respected and referenced among believers. But does God still speak to people today? Does He still speak as frequently as He did to men of Bible days and to individuals, just like me? Can I truly hear His voice in my daily decision making? Well, many pastors and prophets confidently claim to hear God speak to them today. Is this claim real and genuine? If so, how do they hear Him speak? How can I understand when He speaks to me personally, inspite of all the noises and attractions around me? All these and many more questions would be thoroughly answered in this book.

i am with you always

There are certain things God unequivocally stated that He’d do for them. One of such things is the promise of His divine presence. All through the pages of the scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, He categorically stated that no matter what the situation is, He’d be with His uncompromising children. He did not make the promise of His presence for the “good” days only but also for the seemingly bad period of life. Life, like a coin, has two sides- the good and the bad. Believers are not exempted from either of the two. The comfort for the believers comes from the fact that whichever side life turns to them, God is always there, standing by them. Lack of understanding of this truth makes the fear of the unknown creep into the heart of several people. As I said in the introduction, because of the situation of things all around in the world over, the hearts of many are failing them. For the believers, it ought not to be if we understand the fact of God’s ever abiding presence is with us in all situations of life. It doesn’t matter the circumstances and situations surrounding you but it does not matter who is going through it with you. God has promised to always be with you. It is left to you to believe it and walk in its consciousness.

maintaining balance

There are myriads of overwhelming difficult situations traversing the campus world today. Day after day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a Christian and much more difficult to maintain Christian virtues, values and ideals. To my mind, there has never been a time when a student enters the higher institutions and gets confronted with lots of daunting challenges than in the generation in which we live. The challenges are multifaceted and increasingly severe. Every time I go into any campus or read about the events occurring on campuses nowadays, two things always happen in me. One, it always brings up a thanksgiving to God for having allowed me to pass through the campus at the time I did. Secondly, an ocean surge of burden always rises within me, followed by a passionate desire to proffer a way out for so many students struggling to cope with the sea of demands on their shoulders. I always ask myself: ‘how can Christian students (especially leaders) cope and fulfill their divine destiny in the midst of these daunting challenges?’ This book is a timely attempt to answer the question.

making thanksgiving your lifestyle

How do you say, ‘it is well’, in the midst of the storms and mean it with all your heart? How do you live a lifestyle of thanksgiving? In my close to two decades’ experience as a Christian, I have faced different challenges at different point in time. Those moments have however taught me a great deal about trusting God and praising my way out of trouble. God’s words to me at such periods in life have formed in me a lifestyle of thanksgiving even when the going seems tough and rough. I hope to share a few of them with you in this inspiring book. You’ll find out that even though the book is little in size, it’s big in content. In it lies the key that will lead you into a life of untainted joy. It will transform your life remarkably if you can only act on the lessons you’ll learn from it.

now that you're young

For the past twenty and half years, I have literarily lived and worked among young people. I have practically held so many of them by the hands as they worked through the delicate teenage years and metamorphosed into adulthood. For me there is no greater joy than to see a young handsome boy or a beautiful young girl grow into a responsible individual fulfilling those innocently crafted dreams and visions of his or her heart. I have witnessed this over and over again and I am so grateful to God for putting me in the youth ministry and using me as a source of encouragement to them as they evolve into the men and women God created them to be. On the other hands, I have experienced pains and heartbreak watching some young people, who had great potentials, derail and never really able to put their lives together as they grow into adulthood. We see many on the streets doing unimaginably terrible things. I have observed over the years that the difference between the youths who grow into responsible adults and those who can’t put life together is in the kind of choices they made as they move from one developmental stage to the other. In this I find the truism in the assertion that ‘we make our choices and our choices make us’. In this book, I have put together seven most important choices that any young person who dreams of growing into responsible adult, (making positive impact in the lives of others and living a truly fulfilling life) must make while still in the youthful years. If any young person makes these choices early and follows them up with dedicated action, at every stage of life, he will shine like stars in his generation and become models for many.

peace: how to find it in this chaotic world

The whole world is altogether confused and anxious. This anxiety and lack of peace is boldly written on the faces of people as they walk the streets. Unfortunately, it affects them in all areas of human endeavours. However, in the midst of all these, one question that begs for an answer is, ‘is it really possible to live a worry-free, peaceful life? If possible how can this balanced, focused and peaceful kind of life be achievable in this uncertain, confused world? My answer to this question is in affirmative; you can live a peaceful, worry-free life. Although the world may never experience peace until the King of glory appears in His majesty, yet you can live a life full of excitement and peace as an individual. The basis of this peace for you as a believer is not in yourself but in the fact that you know Him who controls and rules in the affairs of men and you have placed all in His hands and cast yourself on the faithful God. You can have the experience of peace Jesus bestow. This book shows you how.


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