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earthly riches for eternal rewards

How much of Earthly Riches do you have? Every one keep acquiring the earthly riches which the Preacher says “it’s vanity upon vanity” and never think of securing eternal reward. As good as it sound to be rich here on earth it has no effect on the heavenly home until you deliberately trade it for eternal reward. Why rich on earth and enter heaven wretched? Knowing the brevity of man’s life, the vanity of the earthly riches and the conviction of eternal home, Joseph Olugboye in his providence writing presents to you how to invest your earthly riches for eternal rewards. In this book Joseph teaches on the following sub topics among others. the earthly riches the incorruptible treasure bank how to give your earthly riches for eternal reward Reasons you must invest your earthly riches for eternal rewards. Earthly and heavenly benefits of trading your earthly riches for eternal reward. The scriptures says “buy the truth and sell it not” This book in your hand is the truth you’ve being waiting for in this side of eternity, I present this book, fully convince that it will help you to invest your earthly riches for eternal reward, make you to enjoy the benefits thereof and prepare you to enter heaven a rich individual.

positioned for favour

Favour is the unmerited kindness one received as a result of positioning. It puts an end to every hardship; it gets you a great relief from the hard times you’ve been experiencing. Favour makes you forget the pain of yesterday by setting you above your challenges. There is nothing more excellent than being favoured by the Lord. But for every favour a man receives, there is a deliberate positive input of the one that received it. You don't fold your arms and earn favour of any kind: you must deliberately walk into it when the Lord opens it up to you. The Lord does the turning around but when your turn arrives, you must position yourself and deliberately walk into it. With the help of this book, you will be able to prepare for God’s favour, walk into God’s favour and dwell in the Lord’s favour. GET THE FAVOUR YOU NEED Life is in its fullest when you are positioned to daily enjoy favour. Several people keep struggling and wondering why life is not in their favour. Some think it’s because they are not employed, while those employed think it’s because of their low income; many others believe it is owing to their low educational qualification. Whichever way you see it, the truth is that both the high and the low in the society crave favour. EVERY DAY FAVOUR WITH GOD AND MEN IS POSSIBLE!!! In this book, Joseph Olugboye provides you the best and easiest way to enjoy favour with God and man daily. You will learn the following, among others, from the book: - Why men lack favour; - Spiritual preparation for God’s favour; - How God guides His children into favour; - Tools God uses in helping His children into favour; - How to position yourself for favour; - How favour flows to men; - Wisdom that attracts favour (attracting favour); - How to increase your level of favour. No doubt, this book in your hand is what you’ve been waiting for; it will guide you into God’s favour and make you a blessing to your world.

the word in you

The Word In You No one can rise beyond the word he has believed. As a matter of truth, the level you are today is the level of the word you stored in your heart. If you want to change a person, start by putting the right words across to such individual, because the word on its own is a creator. Seven things among others this book will do for you 1. It will help you to know the Personalities of the word of God. 2. It will help you to know your heart and how to feed your heart with the word of God. 3. It will help protect your heart from defilements 4. It will show you practical example of how to run with the word. 5. It will help you to see the Faithfulness of God to His word. 6. It will help you to understand the supremacy and the potency of God’s word. 7. It will teach you how to run with the word in your heart No doubt this book is toll that will help you discover and fulfil the purpose of God for your life. Be Blessed!!!


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