Niran Adedokun

Books by Niran Adedokun

ladies calling the shots

Ladies Calling The Shots profiles 16 female film and television directors in Nigeria. It recognises the contributions of these ladies to defining the filmmaking business in Nigeria. The book tries to appropriately situate Nollywood’s female directors within the canon by tracing their individual personal and professional trajectory as well as their plans for the future.

the danfo driver in all of us and other essays

The Danfo Driver in all of us and other essays is a compilation of Niran Adedokun’s personal reflections and interventions on a variety of topical national issues in the space of five years between 2013 and 2018 Although a few the articles were published in some other newspapers, most of the articles in this collection were published in The PUNCH and thecable.ng where Adedokun is a weekly columnist. His largely non-partisan pieces advocate for responsible and responsible governance as well as a dutiful and alert citizen. He argues that these are two non-negotiable characteristics of a progressive society and that unless everyone wakes up to their responsibility Nigeria will remain a dream.

the law is an ass

They say fiction is an extension of the factual. Niran Adedokun’s The Law is an Ass, features nine short stories that seem like fictional manifestations of the concerns in his second book, The Danfo Driver in All of Us. In this collection, Niran continues his jeremiad about Nigeria, with stories about sexual shenanigans (both real and imagined), corruption, poverty and deprivation as well as a heady cocktail of other problems that beset a third world country like Nigeria. These stories, told in simple but gripping prose, will hold you in thrall like the tale of the Ancient Mariner. – Toni Kan, author, The Carnivorous City


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